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wolf anthro

  1. sacred_templar

    (Commission) Selling: Expert Furry artist - Protogen - Dragons - Wolf - Felines - I CAN DO ALL || FULL QUALITY || ($75 - $+150)

    Dragons, wolf, rabbits, felines, etc. I CAN DO ALL!!
  2. Kura

    Hiring: ($150+) Fullbody throne piece for livestreams/branding (Commerical Rights appreciated)

    I'm looking to commission an artist to illustrate my boi sitting on this throne from a VR world I built awhile ago. I'd like to eventually have it animated by a contact of mine and use it as a stream graphic, and maybe even put it on merchandise. My budget is fairly loose; I'd like this to be a...
  3. DecembristFlower

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Stylised cute YCH auctions| Antro|Feral|Cat|Wolf|MLP

    Find the YCH you are interested in here Fur Affinity Album SB - 20$ SB - 30$ SB - 25$ All three SB - 15$ SB - 20$, background after 50$...
  4. sacred_templar

    Loona fan art (Last commission)

    A client asked me to draw Loona in Blitzo's outfit, isn't she fabulously cute and dominant? ;) My FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sacredtemplar/
  5. BossMonster

    First fursona!

    Never really tried my hand at fursonas before but it was quite fun so I thought I'd share. His name is... Raleigh? Probably. What do you guys think?