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wolf art

  1. Snipsy

    Finally making a page for Furry specific art

    Ive been doing art for as long as I can remember and always admired pretty furry art and fursuit designs but never really made the plunge to start drawing them myself :) Apart from my Feralheart days I haven't had much interaction with the community yet, so please say hi! I'll be doing more...
  2. BigMacFudge

    Hiring: ($25+) Hoping for comm of fave Wolf (Macro/vore most preferred)

    Hi friends. Self explanatory post. I really love the Forest Wolf Monster from Yu-Gi-Oh not only for its design but its main attack - eating foes whole, no matter the size and love getting art of them. I may be looking for more then one artist and my price range goes up to $75+ not too fussed at...
  3. C

    Commissions Open

    Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to spread a bit about my commissions since I actually need help. Here are my prices, I've been practicing more with anthros but I don't have a completed drawing since I've been just sketching them. Here are the prices ^^ if anyone's interested I'll send the PayPal...
  4. T

    looking for art trades

    Hi! I want to take some art trades without deadline. Mostly I draw wolves, but I can also draw cats, horses, and other mammals. I like draw nature long hair wolves - metalheads and a lot of other ting. Love gore, dead animal and other themes of this thematic)! I don't draw erotic, urban scenery...
  5. Dezigre

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Canine YCH (burning and blood theme)

    www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] OPEN `Fresh Blood` by Dezigre Current bid - 30 EUR AB - 55 EUR via PayPal
  6. Leinad Obtrebla

    Themed Two Character Printable Poster Comission (CLOSED)

    Hi all, I´m looking for a poster-like work with printable measures for decoration. More focused on the characters and some text than background. Two canid characters with simple designs/markings The theme is going to be MGS related, involving spy gear and such, for something semi-realistic...
  7. Minxie

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Wolf Pup Adoptables for Sale!! [OPEN]

    First set of adoptables ready to go! They follow a seasons theme: spring, summer, autumn, winter. These are going to be $18 each or $60 for the whole "litter." Terms: -Payment must be made by Paypal -Payment must be made within 24 hours or it will be re-released -You may alter the design, give...
  8. Mickeys

    $20 Big bad wolf

    First time here, first time selling - meet my big bad wolf :D It's just a little something I drew on my phone for a warmup. If you're interested in buying, contact me via email yunocorn69@gmail.com
  9. RavenCorvus

    Hiring NSFW artist to draw my Worgen!

    As the title suggests, i'm looking for a NSFW artist to draw my Worgen! Nothing too complicated, just a full body (colored), on a white background (Or simplistic background). I'd like for her to be just standing at a half-side shot, with either both paws on her hips, or crossed, underneath her...
  10. Val_Redwolf

    LF Profile picture for new Sona

    Hello! I was just looking to see if someone might be able to do a somewhat detailed profile avatar image for a new sona I am making. Price Range: $20-30 USD (Paypal) Time Requirement: As soon as possible. Format: A bust style profile picture (Head, Chest, Shoulders) looking for something...
  11. Regal_Tails

    Regal Tails, a Visual Novel of Pure Art!

    So, a group of friends of mine came together not too long ago and began making a visual novel game. And low and behold, we're 4 months in and made astounding progress! So much so that I just had to show off the marvelous work everyone has done for this project! Regal Tails is a fantasy novel...
  12. A

    $5 - $100 CHEAP COMMISSIONS!

    Hello everyone! I'm gonna be opening commissions 8D NSFW AND SFW WHICH INCLUDES ANY KINK/FETISH WITHOUT NUDITY! If you would like to see a bunch of my art, please go to: atrociiious.deviantart.com otherwise, here are some examples! price RANGES will also be listed below. GENERAL PRICES...