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wolf fursona

  1. Levi_KAZ

    Hiring: Looking for wolf Head/partial/hoodie

    Hello, hello a man is desperate lol I've wanted a fursuit since I first saw them years ago. I finally can afford one! I probably will get more than one, as I have followed some makers I like on twitter already, but I want to try looking here as well. I'm used to being the one offering...
  2. I

    Need help with a 3D model!

    Hi! So, I'm currently looking for a 3D base model of a wolf girl to edit and make it as a gift for one of my friends, but I cannot find any suitable. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you! :3
  3. Andie

    Alpha & Beta RP

    I'm really wanting to do a somewhat feral alpha and beta RP with someone. My sona is half wolf half wendigo so I prefer a partner who has a wolf sona ready to go.