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  1. caelumcanis

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Mawshot $20 | Unlimited slots

    Full colour mawshot with drool, canines only. Coloured background of your choice. Base is by me. Payment by PayPal only Any questions, leave them here or note me on FA! Link here to main page: www.furaffinity.net: YCH MAWSHOT $20 | UNLIMITED SLOTS! by caelumcanis Link to an example...
  2. R

    Furry dakimakura design suggestions

    I’ve been planning to get an dakimakura of an feral wolf Lilly from Alpha & Omega (Yes, that movie got me, made me wanna join the fandom) I would even go to an convention with it. Do you have any ides how I can improve it with different design and maybe add a few accessories? (Please no NSFW...
  3. X

    Hiring: Lookin for wolf fursona. $50-100; depends on quality

    So I’m looking to finally get a fursona done. Had one made for me back in maybe 2010 an now finally getting back into guys and being more open about myself an what not. So want to get a fursona done. The styles I like a more similar to Harmarist, DakkaWolf , even lando’s style is nice to me...
  4. Meowimator

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Spooky Gore YCH $70

    Go here: www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Midnight Hunger (OPEN) by Meowimator All info is in description. Willing to haggle the price a little bit. :) If not interested, sharing is greatly appreciated :D
  5. CrankyOldDog

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $15 Wolf/Dragon Hybrid Adopt

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/33008358/ Money goes towards bills and food! willing to haggle a bit! PayPal only!!
  6. Shahf the Wolfo

    Am Wolf... Awoo

    *Bork* giv biccies *Bork*
  7. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Dire Wolf

    Hey! I have a request for y'all! A dire wolf! I have her description right here too! If anyone wants to give her a shot, lemme know! A tall, lithe female Dire Wolf with C cup breasts, dark purple, almost black fur, sky blue eyes, and long black hair that covers one eye. She normally wears a...
  8. Z

    Hiring: Digital NSFW Fursona|Budget 50€

    Hi :) I am kinda new to the whole fursona world, nevertheless I want to invest in an awesome looking fursona. I already have lots of ideas about his appearance and know what I want. If you think you have what it takes let me know ;) Budget 50€ | Wolf | NSFW Twitter: @ZattixWolf
  9. asthmacat

    Achoo! ...Art

    gonna start posting some of my art here as well if i remember to! i'm working on trying to expand my poses and expressions at the moment. if you'd like to give me a watch, please do so on my FA! i mainly upload NSFW artwork so let's start off with a rare SFW! this character is unnamed yet and...
  10. Teal_Avokado

    (Other) Selling: Celtic Stickers on sale! 5 USD per sheet!

    I'm glad to present you my first merch - stickerpak of celtic anymals! Twisted and intertwined, animals and spirits, keepers and amulets. One sheet includes all of that in 45 stickers :) Enjoy - www.furaffinity.net: CelticStickerpack by Teal_Avokado ❖ What are these stickers made of? - This is...
  11. R

    Hiring: Wanting to commission an artist for a ref sheet. $35 to $75

    Uhm….. Hi everyone! I'm looking to commission an artist for a detailed ref sheet of my wolf fursona. (my first commission ever, I don't have much experience) Please leave a comment down below or DM if interested!
  12. B

    Need help finding a pic

    Hey, sorry if this doesn't belong here. New so let me know. I need help finding a pic I saw on furaffiinity a few weeks back. It was of a wolf couple sitting on the beach (if I remember correctly). The male was sad and the female was hugging him from behind, but she was a ghost. There was a...
  13. Zedgelord

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$15 Furry art

    Hi I'm Zed, Commissions Open! I take paypal! Chibi Commissions - $12.00 +3$ if you want a background more complicated than a solid color. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pixel Commissions-$10.00...
  14. AeriePaintedDog

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions are Open!!

    Howdy fellow fluffy ones! Aerie here! I would like to offer art commissions for anyone in need of an avatar, ref image, or just general art for your furry needs! Please remember that for all commissions, anything NSFW or involving controversial subjects are prohibited and will be rejected. I...
  15. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Star Wolf Bust ($80 OBO)

    Making a separate post for this guy. Price is NOT firm- contact me with an offer! Shipping is included! AKA "Galaxy Brian" AKA "Star Dreamer" "Let those who sleep continue to dream." I really enjoyed making this one! It's my first time sculpting bone and using a new painting technique, and...
  16. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Character Purge ! OPEN - $5-$130

    Purging adopts , OLD FURSONAS AND Characters, All HQ Designs LARGE OC/DEISGNS/ADOPTS SALE. GIVE ME YOUR OFFERS! NOT ON BASES! OFFER AWAY. I'm only reselling designs for the amount I purchased them for with added art in mind, or cheaper. And I can do a payment plan but you wont be able to use...
  17. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Old Fursona Wolf Resale With 15 HQ Arts Price $70

    Selling for only $70 Comes with 15 HQ art! link to some more art here For Sale $70 on Toyhouse Am selling because I am leaving and saving for a car. Selling most of my adopts which you can check out here www.furaffinity.net: (Leaving) Character Purge ! OPEN - NEED GONE ASPA by ThyBlackReaper...
  18. FitzLurk

    New Suit Who Dis

    Hey, my name is Fitz. I am very lucky to own a suit made by this person Татьяна Сикорская (@anoronym) • Instagram photos and videos Thought i would introduce myself here. I am also known to chase ducks
  19. BeauJayWolffo47

    Wolves of FAF! And a owl...

    ok so uhh I know wolves are super common in the community but maybe thought I’d make a thread for all of us to do our wolf things in or uhh whatever cuz ya know packs? Bottom line is stop by and greet your fellow wolf! And One Able Fur
  20. foxandchill

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Canine only YCH open (NSFW) | SB $20 | AB $60

    Rules : - Canine only ( Dogs, Wolf, Fox ) - Finished art will be refined with full color and shaded SB : $20 AB : $60 www.furaffinity.net: YCH NSFW Canine only auction by foxandchill Still no bid for now!