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  1. foxandchill

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Canine only YCH open (NSFW) | SB $20 | AB $60

    Rules : - Canine only ( Dogs, Wolf, Fox ) - Finished art will be refined with full color and shaded SB : $20 AB : $60 www.furaffinity.net: YCH NSFW Canine only auction by foxandchill Still no bid for now!
  2. _izuko

    Yooo looking for any sort of RP (sfw or not)

    revived this account to bring a cute hyena OC into the world. His bio will be in the follow up post~
  3. Garurumon93

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Daiyamondo ADOPT OPEN $50

    www.furaffinity.net: Daiyamondo ADOPT OPEN by Garurumon93 please buy this dude he's been sitting here untouched for a while ;; he's super high quality and needs a good home. I'm asking $50 for the boyo he comes with an animated icon as well. contact me on my FA via message pls
  4. e-merging

    CUSTOM WOLF ADOPTS (15$ each!)

    Hello! I'm home for spring break and looking to sell some doggo designs! Some examples of my work: ^base is by waka-shark's DeviantArt gallery , designs are by me (which are also for sale, if interested!!) I'll be taking 10 slots! They will be finished within the day!
  5. BETAMAX 1975

    Wendigo ladies and Werewolf

    I am looking for someone to play the role of a group of Wendigo ladies trying to ambush a werewolf man in the forest. The wendigos use pheromones to make their prey cum and sticky pink goo to ensnare them. I will play the werewolf man. I use discord to rp so here is my ID so you can message me...
  6. Belbe

    Critique: Bètareader sought for a fantasy story - relationships with humans and anthropomorphic characters

    As the title said. I've been writing a (partially NSFW) story for a while and it's about 16k words now, any more chapters planned ahead. I'm sort of co-writing it with another person, who inserted his own character into the story and who I exchange ideas with, but I'm the writer of it all...
  7. Lexio

    Request: Anyone want to try drawing my fursona?

    Haven't been on here for ages XD Thanks in advance if you decide to have a go! www.furaffinity.net: Lexio Reference Sheet 3 (with actual detail) by Lexio_FrostPaw Hope yall enjoy! I dont mind if its full body, bust, chibi, realistic, whatever peaks your interest! go wild!
  8. Kingbatman7

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts Open! 10+ of them!

    Here are all of them! They're apart of my Adopt Series called "MAGIC MIKE" lol they're all themed as exotic dancers. xD R U L E S ★R U L E S★ ★ Paypal; USD only! ★ NO ECHECKS PLEASE NO HOLDS THIS TIME SORRY! ★ If you back out I will give you a warning. ★ Failure to pay will result in lost of...
  9. samuraiswordz

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Batch of 4 - New Adopts [$5 - $10]

    The adopts can also be seen/claimed on FA Prices are in USD PayPal Only A - $10 B - claimed C - $5 D - claimed Comment below to claim! After payment, I'll send you the full sized image for each of the adopts. You're free to name them, and change their design as you wish. If you're using the...
  10. SimilarSquid

    Hiring: Someone who can make a Reference Sheet from an Image

    What i am looking for: I am looking for someone who wants to make a Reference Sheet for me. My Furry / Fursona is a Hybrid of a Squid, Wolf and a Fox. I want a Colorful, Detailed Reference Sheet which shows the Furry / Fursona. I want the Front, Side and Back from the Furry / Fursona and also a...
  11. AJ Woofless

    AJ's Trusty Glock

    www.furaffinity.net: AJs Trusty Glock by Torrent_Shark Everything is referenced, I promise, I'm aware of the left hand as well, don't bring it up please, I know what's up with it.
  12. bringo-parrot

    (Commission) Selling: $45 Full-Body Character Commissions!

    Hi everybody! I'm currently offering my commissions for full-body character portraits at $45. They will be shaded and colored and NSFW and SFW are welcome. Here's some examples of my recent stuff! Please email me at goldenfawn123@gmail.com with a character reference and pose idea...
  13. RUMM

    Free Art: Raffle: Draconic Guardian - White Wolf [ENDS TOMORROW]

    Ends February 28th. 11:59 pm AZ Time To enter the raffle please follow either of these links and follow the instructions there! FurAffinity: www.furaffinity.net: [RAFFLE OPEN] Draconic Guardian - White Wolf by RUMM DeviantArt: fav.me: [RAFFLE OPEN] Draconic Guardian - White Wolf You may enter on...
  14. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Anyone up for this character?

    I've been thinking that i really need something better done for Starren. Starren is a character of mine I've had for awhile now, while looking young in his late teens to young twenties, he is a hybrid dragon panther wolf, with life and death powers. I don't have anything good of him, but if...
  15. Minxie

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Wolf Pup Adoptables for Sale!! [OPEN]

    First set of adoptables ready to go! They follow a seasons theme: spring, summer, autumn, winter. These are going to be $18 each or $60 for the whole "litter." Terms: -Payment must be made by Paypal -Payment must be made within 24 hours or it will be re-released -You may alter the design, give...
  16. Jiccs

    Request: Anyone want to draw my sona?

    I would love to get some art in of my sona, Envy! Ref: forums.furaffinity.net: My new sona Envy Artistic changes/improvements are welcome as long as they don't change her design too much. Also if anyone wants to really get into drawing her (if you like the design that much) I do have a...
  17. Mickeys

    $20 Big bad wolf

    First time here, first time selling - meet my big bad wolf :D It's just a little something I drew on my phone for a warmup. If you're interested in buying, contact me via email yunocorn69@gmail.com
  18. Jiccs

    Advice for shading and additions to my new sona, Envy!

    Let me start by saying I love my new sona, but she feels a bit bland still despite all her markings and power. I was thinking of adding another shade of grey or perhaps gold parts for highlights. What do you guys think?
  19. JZLobo

    Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong

    (If anyone recognizes the Universal Greeting, they're automatically my friend. Unless you think Rumble is the blue one.) So long story short, I've been in denial about being a furry for years despite my lifelong fascination with anthropomorphic species. I guess I just don't like being labeled...
  20. Fere

    Looking for critique/beta readers for new novel

    Hi guys! Just wondering if there was anyone out there interested in taking a read of my latest novel, Blyth Gwynne? :-) Perhaps give me some feedback, pointers, critique etc.? It's an adult novel with wolves, heavy metal, murder and mental illness mixed in for good measure. 80k in length. 5...