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  1. Wind Song

    Badges, Full Works, or Wood Works available!

    I offer many types of works to fit your budget Traditional Badges - range from $30-$100+ Woodworks - range from $50-$200+ Traditional Art - range from $75-$350 to see more examples check out my pages at FA:Userpage of WindSong83 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DA: WindSong83 on DeviantArt FB...
  2. kittyskeleton

    Icon Sale!!! ($10-$15 USD)

    Hello! My name is Dante/Kitty, and I'm currently having a sale on icons!!!~ Sketchy ones like these are just $10*: Completed ones like these are only $15*: And, for just $5 extra, I will record my process, set it to music of your choice, and upload it to my Youtube channel...
  3. AcidWolf22

    My first fursona, I guess

    This is still a WIP. I'm not too experienced with creating characters, so I basically just made myself, but a lime green wolf. I have a drawing, but I'm too self-conscious about it because I'm not an artist and it took me like 15 minutes to make in paint.net. Let me know if you'd like to see...
  4. Onni-Greywolf

    looking for Suit maker for Dra-Kun

    Edit: Suit maker has been found and I no longer need one from here. Im looking for a maker for a semi-realistic full suit of my Dra-Kun character. Drake A mix of Dragon and Wolf body types, Tail similar in length to a Dragon but slim and fluffy like a Wolf. Dragon like feet and hands with long...
  5. Sultz Z. Wolf

    Undies commission

    I am looking for a artist that can draw my character Cody with his shorts being hooked, exposing his underwear being shown. I have a budget of $40 and I would like this pic to be in a toony style. If you are interested in doing this commission, please reply to this thread or send me a PM here...
  6. RockWarriorWolf

    Anyone Open For A Commission?

    I've got an idea for a commission that I originally offered to arabesque, but she turned it down, because she felt she couldn't do the type of background I wanted. (You'll find out why in a sec.) She told me to bring it up over here on the forums. I'd like it to be similar in spirit to this...
  7. korsk4life

    Looking To Hire Someone To Do Foot Pain (Slapstick Inspired, Female)

    Hello! As the thread states, I'm looking to hire an artist (or artists, as the case may be!) to draw one of my characters in a specific situation. I love to see slapstick foot injuries happen to female characters, I don't know why, it's just always fascinated me for some reason. Essentially...
  8. H

    Missing ballbusting story?!

    A few weeks ago I found a story about a wolf pack that gets ball busted by a female human after trying to rape her. I can't find it ANYWHERE. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I think it was either on sofurry or FA but I can't find it for the life of me.
  9. ThyBlackReaper

    Draw My Wolf Dragon Hybrid OC

    Hi guys, hardly got any money and need to pay for car repairs x.x Anyway I got a new OC I want to give him a better cooler baddass/rough look if anyone wants to have a go at a wolf dragon furry or feral form here he is www.furaffinity.net: Ryuu Old Ref Sheet by ThyBlackReaper If you do draw him...
  10. A

    $5 - $100 CHEAP COMMISSIONS!

    Hello everyone! I'm gonna be opening commissions 8D NSFW AND SFW WHICH INCLUDES ANY KINK/FETISH WITHOUT NUDITY! If you would like to see a bunch of my art, please go to: atrociiious.deviantart.com otherwise, here are some examples! price RANGES will also be listed below. GENERAL PRICES...
  11. Ninapaw

    Hybrids Adopts and Comission Open!

    Hello! First time opening Comissions! so note me if interested Also got new adopts! Hybrids wolf griffin monsters :3 ;):p:D:p:D
  12. Artzom-b

    Open for a few art trades

    I've never done art trades before and I thought what better way to get the ball rolling then to do some art trades here! here are the characters I want to trade with Nelson The Dragon and Wimtuc the Orcwolf if you want to trade leave a message :3!!
  13. KolaWolf

    YCH Canine Cheap Flat Sale [OPEN]

    #2 here is open for $10: www.furaffinity.net: YCH Canine Flat Sale [OPEN] by KolaWolf This one is open for $8: www.furaffinity.net: Cheap Canine YCH [OPEN] by KolaWolf Example of final result: kolawolf.deviantart.com: Big Grin
  14. pasta.apocalypse

    $8 Headshot/Profile Picture Commissions!

    Doing headshot commissions which are perfect as profile pictures! I can do any species, the more unique, the better! Once I accept your commission, send me your reference sheet. I'll create the lineart and send it to you. (if your character is particularly complicated or unique, I'll probably...
  15. Deathless

    Roast the fursona!

    I always wanted to try this. The pictures of her are down below! (Keep it as appropriate as possible please!) Her name is Deathless and she is a blue and white wolf, go crazy.
  16. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    New Furry With a New Fursona

    Hello everyone, I have officially called myself a furry and am willing to be accepted into your community. I've been worried about joining for years, and I finally decided to join the fandom. I have also created a fursona a couple years ago which I created as a wolf/corgi mix. I'm unsure if...
  17. L

    Hello from Liverpool, UK ♥

    It's been like, 75843758943 years since I used a forum OwO I think the last time was an Otherkin forum when I was like, 14 or 15 and was desperate to be different in any kind of way. Guess I got my wish :P Anyway, hai, just thought I'd say hello. I'm a wolf, awooooooo. I have so many $350...
  18. Deathless

    Generic Fursonas??

    One of my friends has been saying how my fursona is "generic". What are your opinions on his statement and what do you think of people saying that one's design is "generic"? Fursona:
  19. Beatle9

    Drew this after seeing Get Out

    I don't normally draw, but after a combination of seeing the horror/comedy Get Out and a particularly stressful day at work, I made this thing a while back, based on the face on all promotional material for the movie: I know it's not that good, but I had fun drawing it, and it was pretty...
  20. Dinocanid

    $10 Pride Month YCH Sale

    Info: All slots will close on July 1st Both the ribbon and the background will be the flag color, but they don't have to be the same. To buy, just shoot me a PM here or on FA The YCH is also available on Weasyl and Deviantart if you prefer there Please allow at least 2 days for me to complete...