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  1. Paws the Opinicus


    A simple word game; Combine two (or maybe even more) creatures into a genetic mixture. Only rule is that the name of the resulting creature should be either a pun or a sniglet. "If you crossed a stoat and an aracari, would the gryphon that resulted be ... a dookan?"
  2. Nexus Cabler

    Words that sound funny to you

    This may seem silly, but there are some words out there in my local language that always at the very least make me grin and chuckle as I read them or say out loud. Ones in particular are "flabbergasted" and "buffoon" Share yours.
  3. Water Draco

    Having difficulty with spelling of English words. Book recommendation

    This is a recommendation of a book that I make great use of over many years and still use. The LDA "ACE Spelling Dictionary" by David Moseley This is an aurally coded English dictionary so you find words by using the sound of the word. Through use it also helps with the recognition of word...
  4. Bluefiremark II

    change the sentence

    Simple game, user 1 gives a sentence like this: i am a stegosaurus And user 2 changes ONE WORD like this: i am a pineapple. (Yes, adding on or subtracting one word and not changing anything else does count) I'll start it- I ran up to the store clerk and gave them a free cat.
  5. Guifrog

    The million word game

    Each letter, from A to Z, represents a number. See reference: The game is to type a word in which the results from multiplying all containing letters is the closest possible to 1,000,000! Go ahead and post your attempt. Example: NUMBER = 14 * 21 * 13 * 2 * 5 * 18 = 687,960. Again, the goal...
  6. Guifrog

    Word association

    Old school game (I wonder how we don't have this here)! We've gone camping. Fire has been lit. We made a circle around the fire. You have to say a word and the next poster (your neighboring friend) responds with something related to that word. User 1: Fire. User 2: Lava. User 3: Volcano. User...
  7. Lei-Lani

    Acronym Fun!

    This word game is quite challenging but will improve your creativity. ^^ And offer some laughs too. I give you a set of four or five letters, and the subject matter. Your task is to come up with a phrase that fits the letters (or acronym) for the subject. As an example: Why were you late to...