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  1. Just_A_Tundra

    Is this term offensive?

    Hey all. So people have many words to describe many things. And yet, sometimes, words can hurt, as they can be offensive. There are also words that people have taken as compliments and good vibes. But there is one word that I've been a little curious about, and I would like to have someone...
  2. Guifrog

    Connect Word Pairs

    This came up randomly from a chat with a friend. Try giving the next poster a pair of words, and their job is to connect them with a chain of words as they deem fair; then, give another pair of words to the user below. Kinda Word Association, but mutated. I'll give a few examples: You may...
  3. larigot

    5 words each

    I'll start with 5 words. The next person also writes 5 words that must add to them in a logical way. The next person does the same, etc. A story should develop. Sooo... # High above the clouds, a
  4. F

    Still new to most furry terms...

    What is anthro? NSFW is sexual/adult right? SFW is the opposite I assume. Vore sounds dirty, so I feel I'd be better googling that. Anything else I left out?
  5. Rap Daniel

    The Old Switcheroo

    Switch the words of an idiom, phrase, TV show name, movie title etc. around so it's funny! "Mr. Burns Shot Who?" Or completely random! "Force you be may with the."
  6. Awoos the Plush

    Word Chain!

    Lets play a game of Word chain! For the people who don't know how this game works: You have to use the last letter of the last word posted in this thread as the first letter of your word. for example: Person 1: hamburger Person 2: racket Person 3: tease Here comes the first word: King
  7. M

    Merriam-Websters thinking to add furry and fursona to dictionary.

    It looks like Merriam Websters might be adding furry and fursona to the dictionary eventually. On the one hand it seems like furry should have been in there already, but after looking I noticed that "Trekkie" isn't even in there yet, and that should have been in there decades ago...
  8. Wabbajax

    Foreign Words for Emotions?

    Hey all, I've got a rather odd question/request. I was recently reading an article on mental health in a Psychology magazine that suggested broadening one's vocabulary with words outside of one's natural language could help ease mental distress. So I am curious. If English is not your first...
  9. xremeidiot

    Trouble Getting the Words Down

    I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in an RP (which is once in a blue moon), I’m able to write hundreds of words per post, with over a thousand over the course of a day. However, when I’m trying to write some fiction on my own, I can barely get a couple hundred a week. Why am I so prolific when I’m...
  10. Water Draco

    Having difficulty with spelling of English words. Book recommendation

    This is a recommendation of a book that I make great use of over many years and still use. The LDA "ACE Spelling Dictionary" by David Moseley This is an aurally coded English dictionary so you find words by using the sound of the word. Through use it also helps with the recognition of word...
  11. MetroFox2

    Hit Me 2, Kinetic Boogaloo (One Word Story Suggestions)

    So, this is a thing I did going on two years ago now. I quite enjoyed it then, and the stories that came out of it were better than I was expecting. So, since my story output has been abysmal lately, I'm going to give this another bash. And this time, I invite others to join in on it too. So...
  12. M

    Bad Synonyms

    The idea of this games is to start with a word, and the next poster will find a synonym for that word. However, you need to find a synonym that does not relate to the word before the last poster. It should look like this: happy -> elated -> animated -> active, and so on. Find a synonym for: kind.
  13. J

    GAME! Type a letter and enter up to the first 12 auto-fill words

    For phone users. Type a letter and press up to the first 12 auto-fill words that show up.
  14. Lei-Lani

    Acronym Fun!

    This word game is quite challenging but will improve your creativity. ^^ And offer some laughs too. I give you a set of four or five letters, and the subject matter. Your task is to come up with a phrase that fits the letters (or acronym) for the subject. As an example: Why were you late to...
  15. ItzRiley

    Words that describe your fursona.

    Personally my fursona does have a bit of personality. Words that describes mine are (Positive, calm, Patience, relax) those are a few that describe mine. How bout u guys? :)