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world of warcraft

  1. Chairae

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Ardenweald inspired adoptable - Auction OPEN (48h)

    SB: 210 euro MI: 15 euro AB: 450 euro Design comes as you see it (minus the text part). General T.O.S. applies, you can check it out here: https://chairae.weebly.com
  2. Chairae

    (Commission) Selling: I'll draw your WoW or DnD OC - SFW&NSFW (starts @ 110 usd)

    I'll draw your World of Warcraft or DnD character in my style. Several options available For info & prices: https://chairae.weebly.com/ To order your commission: https://forms.gle/rHjeVSpodDwa8kty5 Some examples:
  3. D

    Join my guild "Pact" in WoW

    Hello, I am making a guild on WoW called "Pact" and im inviting any interested parties to join. This guild is on Bonechewer-Gurubashi-Daggerspine-Hakkar-Aegwynn If you're interested in Joining My username is "Paw" Pandaren Alliance, you can Mail, Add, Whisper. Thank you :)
  4. Chairae

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) WoW and DnD Tight up commissions

    Examples: They come with simple background like in the second example. Get them as Patreon rewards (90 usd tier): patreon.com/Chairae
  5. TinyRaptor

    Hiring: WoW/D&D/Etc Art, $10-$60+ budget

    Got my first paycheck from my new job, looking to celebrate with some art. I PREFER DIGITAL ART, and cutesy anime styles need not apply. Because my characters are not very cartoony looking and I also want art of bigger dudes with my OCs. You're still welcome to post, however, in case you'd...
  6. Ixira

    Ixira Origins - Choice 1: Fight or Flight

    Hello and welcome to the first players choice page for my comic Origins. Please cast your vote and have your say in the progression of the story! Title Page: www.furaffinity.net: Origins - Title by Ixira Page 7:www.furaffinity.net: Origins - Page 7 by Ixira Thank you so much for taking the...
  7. Tulok

    World of Warcraft Discord

    Hello! I am new to both the furry community and WoW (been playing for 2 months now?) but I was like "hey, let's get a discord goin'" This isn't some serious Raid group and we won't just be doing Dungeons. This also accepts both Alliance and Horde members. I am an awkward human being, so...
  8. luffy

    WoW Players

    Hey guys, which of you play WoW?! I'm a GM with my BF of a Horde guild on Dalaran. Tonight is our first time raiding the new patch and we're goin' straight into heroic! Super excited.
  9. RavenCorvus

    Hiring NSFW artist to draw my Worgen!

    As the title suggests, i'm looking for a NSFW artist to draw my Worgen! Nothing too complicated, just a full body (colored), on a white background (Or simplistic background). I'd like for her to be just standing at a half-side shot, with either both paws on her hips, or crossed, underneath her...
  10. Aziri

    WoW Furry server/guilds?

    Heya, Iv noticed furries tend to kinda flock together in games using methods like discord and private servers for games. Im curious if there is a server that is used as a hub for furries in WoW or any furry guilds on any server? Thanks <3<3<3<3
  11. D

    Looking for writer 550-1k USD

    Looking for writer to write World of Warcraft related smut. Live writings are greatly encouraged. 55k words.
  12. Lea.Tigris

    How many WoW Furs are there here?

    I just got back into WoW and people I have played with previously have moved on. So I am curious as to who is playing at the moment with the recent release of Legion. :) If so, what server are you on, and what do you main?
  13. D

    World of Warcraft furry guild!

    EDIT: The guild has disbanded due to lack of people.
  14. DylanM40


    So anyone out there looking forward to the new expansion for World of Warcraft?
  15. DylanM40

    World of Warcraft

    Hello was wondering if anyone still plays world of warcraft here? I was checking back a ways didn't see to many threads on it and the one stickied had been deleted.