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  1. FlowerHead

    Worst introductions

    Introduce yourself and/or your fursona in the worst way possible! Write as many sentences as you want or keep it short, doesn't matter I'll start: "Hi I'm Joshua and I'm a lazy pörn artist and genderfuckup who's the size of a middle-schooler, I'm from a country that most Americans don't seem to...
  2. Moar Krabs

    Worst movie you've ever seen?

    The worst one I've ever seen was a mini series (it's basically a movie) called the Langoliers. The build up and characters were good, but the part where the monsters appear made me laugh way louder than I should have. And that's a shame considering the build up to the part where they appear was...
  3. faerr

    Let's share our best and worst pieces!

    We all have bad days, eh? But we also have good ones. One of the way we learn and grow as artists is by recognizing the mistakes we've made and improving upon them. It's all subjective - for the worst: share whatever you want! It can be a really old piece, a piece where you gave up halfway...
  4. bubblefizzroo

    Worst Cases of Art Theft

    Does anyone know some of, if not the worst, cases of art theft? I'm actually quite interested in learning more about the art scandals that everyone here keeps talking about.
  5. Corrupt-Canine

    Worst TV show you've ever seen?

    I'm talking about anything that is shown on television that you've seen. Animated or live action. Worst of the worst. Could be one or a tie. Lets hear them. Worst animated show for me is Mr. Pickles. Some Adult Swim show with probably the worst designs and style I've witnessed. I understand...
  6. Valisha

    What is the worst/most disgusting video you have seen?

    Mine was church of fudge. It was funny as first, but then my eyes had to washed with bleach afterwards.