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wrestling oc

  1. V

    Free Art: Fight, wrestle and ryona art(maybe NSFW?)

    Howdy! Been getting the itch to draw again and love doing OC fights and ryona. I'm not the best, though. With that in mind, feel free to make requests below. I do any sort of matchup except masculine male on masculine male(Masculine on feminine male is ok). Just link me ref pics of the OCs...
  2. LuciantheHugmage

    Wrestling Character Fur Color/ Ringname and Character Bio

    Hey, me again. I'm working on another character, this time it's a big bull wrestler-bodybuilder guy. I know that not everyone is into muscular characters or wrestling, so I won't go too into detail, but his ring attire is supposed to usually be black and purple. I'm stuck between deciding if...