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writing advice

  1. GeekywildDog

    the concept of a story I'm planning to write

    Hello everyone so people hear me out I have this concept of a story I'm planning to write : basically, a guy (human) dealing with his daily life with his 7 feet tall anthro female Tibetan mastiff who doesn't speak English (she speaks Chinese but she understands English) and trying to get their...
  2. sausy1

    How to describe a slow transformation

    I would like to start writing TF stories, and I have an outline ready for one. It's a story where the transformation lasts several days and comes in stages. The stages are very slow and patient, but I can't seem to adequately describe it without it feeling rushed, bloated, or repetitive. So, how...
  3. Chomby

    How can writing be free and fun for me?

    So... I already make and commission art of my characters, and I love visual art, but part of it feels... Empty. Unfortunately I don't like to write further than a bio and I don't like to roleplay, which sucks. I feel like I'm neglecting important pieces to make my characters whole, but when I...
  4. Salisha

    Just starting out as a writer, would love advice and examples on how to best succeed.

    Hi, I've been writing and roleplaying for almost a decade now, and I'd like to put what I've learned into practice writing story commissions relating to shared world I've helped build and develop with others, one that allows for a variety of kinks and themes that I enjoy writing and expanding...
  5. Bluequill

    Looking to trade copy edits on NSFW story

    Hello there, I have a number of stories between 2K and 5k words in length that I would love to have copy edited before posting. I am looking for someone to simply read through them and look for spelling and grammatical mistakes. In return, I'd offer the same service to you for pieces of...
  6. thecovesecret

    Looking for betareaders for a furry action script (Violence/Swear warning)

    I've spent a while on this story (spent 3 years world building and changing up story ideas). Ever since I found out about Dan Harmon's story circle, writing has been a ton easier and I finally made a complete and cohesive draft that only took me a week to make (for the first draft). I just...
  7. D

    From the space between stars/ writing prompts plz

    From far away, from the darkest corners of deep spaces, from the space between stars, a message comes. Transmitted through stellar sighs, through the shockwaves of colliding asteroids, through the hum of background radiation, the message reaches you; the faintest hiss of an unconscious thought...
  8. -coco-

    book writing advice

    what advice do yall have on writing a book, like making a good verbal description of a character, place or scenario? All types of advice is welcome.