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writing commissions

  1. Aldebaran!

    Experienced writer looking to do affordable commissions! (Details inside...)

    Hey there! My name is Aldebaran, but you can call me Aldie. I'm a writer with a passion and I've come here to turn your story ideas and dreams into a reality. So what do I write? After years of developing my skill as a writer, I've reached a point where I can write just about any subject of...
  2. CrystalChimera

    Drawing & Writing Commissions!

    Hello! I'm offering drawing and writing commissions! Most of my info and samples can be found here and here, but I'll post some info here as well. Sketches 3/4 Body up: $7 | Full Body: $14 + Character 3/4 Body up: $7 | Full Body: $14 + Background: Simple - $7 | Detailed - $14+ Lineart 3/4...
  3. bohrium

    Let me write for you ♡

    image by Sutsuki hello! im bohrium and i would like to write about your ocs! i made a thread a while ago but it was a bit premature of me to do so i decided to try this again. ive been writing for my whole life and now that college is ending for the semester soon i can start a little side thing...
  4. Livia

    Livia's Writing Commissions!

    Good morning! I'm Livia, a twenty-three year old cancer patient and writer, and I thought I'd try offering a few writing commissions over here! The rules and form are below, so please have a look if you're interested! If you want a few examples of my work, please feel free to check out my...
  5. nitwit

    Fan-fiction Commissions

    Hello everyone. I recently started making money using my writing skills to make stories for people who love to see their OCs in fanfics. Be it crossovers, taking a vaca, or resting a bit. I can write a story as long as it doesn't take me days or weeks to finish. Prices on some of my work will...
  6. Syradeth

    Will write you a story for art

    My name is Kayla and I am a writer by trade, I would love to trade, collaborate or really anything in exchange for art. Depending on the complexity and length of the story will equal to the art piece. We can discuss details and such when the time comes. I can write sfw and nsfw situations, give...
  7. TikTikKobold

    Writing Short Story Commissions, $6.5/500 words. Erotica, Fantasy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Romance

    Hello! I am Tik Tik and I have been posting my work on Furaffinity for about a year now. My work includes things in the swords and sorcery fantasy genre, slice of life romance, adventure, horror, and overall erotica. Feel free to check out my profile (linked above) for example (all are either...
  8. B

    Mia's Writing Commissions

    Call me Mia. I'm interested in selling my services as a writer. Here's what you need to know:
  9. fallout19980

    Story Commissions: 5$ per 1,000 words

    I'm ready to advertise again! Also, I've given my TOS a small update. Prices. The pricing of the commissions will be based on word boundaries, usually 5$ for every 1,000 words. Examples include: 5$ Basic story commission: 0-1k words. 10$ Standard story commission: 1k-2k words. 15$ Extended...
  10. S

    Offering Story Commissions!

    Commission Prices $20 = A 1000+ word story $30 = A 2000+ word story $40 = A 3000+ word story Yeah you get the idea. $10 base price will be set for any and all number of words for story commissions. However I will offer $5 discounts based on how many liberties you will allow me to take with...
  11. TikTikKobold

    Writing Commissions Available!

    Writing commissions available, starting at .011USD/word ($11 for 1000 word pieces) Minimum 500 words. (5.50 US) I am a writer who is interested in trying new things and expanding my repertoire. I love getting into the minds of new characters and breathing life into them. Also, I just plain love...
  12. TikTikKobold

    Special Discount for the Month of August: Speedy Porcupine Creature-themed

    Hey there everyone. I'm no stranger to the world of fanfiction, and I love me some Sonic style stuff. So, if you have a freedom planet, Sonic the Hedgehog, mascot platformer, mobian, or anything related to cute critters in a technological world with fantasy elements, you can get up to 50% off on...
  13. T

    Writing Commissions!

    I'm opening writing commissions! I charge a base of $10, after that it is $1 for every 100 words. 500 words - $10 1,000 words - $15 1,500 words - $20 2,000 - $25 And so on. I won't charge for extra words I tack on. For example, if you commission me for 1,500 words and I write 1,600, I will...
  14. R

    Will Write for Practise/Trade for Art

    Hello everybody, I am a first time poster here to the forums, as I usually posted my work on other sites. I am a hobby writer, as in I usually do not write fiction for money but for my own enjoyment. I am putting up this post here to let all of you good people know that I would like to...
  15. Volmaan

    Newby to the community looking to start writing commissions.

    Hello! So, let's get straight to the point, shall we? I've not been too frequent around the forums or the Furaffinity site itself, in all honesty. I'm usually a pretty reserved person and while I adore art in general, I don't find myself able to draw, or the time to read through other's...
  16. umbrastaff

    Writing Commissions

    Alright hi hello !! I'm Evie, I'm new to the community and money is really tight right now and I really just wanna earn some extra cash considering some stuff that’s going on, so I'm gonna take up writing commissions There's not a lot I won't write, I won't write vore, underage stuff, and...
  17. CorgiButt

    Poems for art?

    I am not much of an artist but i do think i am good at writing short prose and poems. So i am hoping that someone would want to trade art for some writing. C: Here is an example of a haiku i wrote for my sona. 5-7-6 Purest hearts can fly A kind and gentle embrace Love on feathered wings.
  18. Sly Merrimen

    $3-$5 For 1300-2500 Word Stories

    Hey guys so I've decided to pick up doing some writing commission work! If you're curious about my writing style you can visit my gallery and read a few of my stories right here (Please note that some of them are old and do not reflect my current writing style) PRICES $3 = 1300-1900 Word story...
  19. ColdSoul

    Adult ZOOTOPIA story commission hiring! $50

    Hi!! I am looking for someone to write me a commission featuring Bogo from zootopia and my borzoi dog character Phoenix. About 2000-3000 words long and happy to pay $50 for it or less! What someone who is good at writing smut and stuff :D But also respectful and easy to work with. Basic plot...
  20. Rivalawless

    Writing commissions starting at $5 NSFW welcome

    I’m opening my writing commissions indefinitely. Please contact me at rivaxoruslawless@gmail.com! My writing commissions can take up to 4 months to complete - depending on length, what’s going on in my life ect. But essentially you will get constant updates on the status of your commission. If...