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writing commissions

  1. candelantern

    Writing Commissions?

    Is there some kind of a precedent for this? It doesn't seem like it would fit in the "art sales and auctions" category, and although I am an illustrator I'm also looking for freelance writing work. Does anyone else have experience with doing these?
  2. candelantern

    Writing, Short Fiction

    I'm pretty new here but I'm a good writer and I'm looking to practice my craft and write for other people. You can find examples of my fanfiction work (albeit pretty old) here. I charge $10 per 200 words, and payment after initial draft before the final product (you have a say in the editing...
  3. Ama L. Thea

    Ama's Writing Commissions/Proofreading/Critiques!

    Hey, y'all! Just letting you know about this new lovely thing... I am a professional writer giving my services back to the fandom! I'll: write SFW and NSFW fiction; proofread your work; critique your work; probably a lot of other snazzy stuff, if you think of it before me. Multiple payment...
  4. W

    Seeking Author for Fanfiction

    Hullo! I'm looking for Thundercats 2011 fanfiction (I can provide relevant character and setting references if you need them). I'm pretty flexible where characterization is concerned, so authors who haven't seen the show needn't worry about getting things wrong. :') Budget I want to hire as...