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  1. candelantern

    Writing, Short Fiction

    I'm pretty new here but I'm a good writer and I'm looking to practice my craft and write for other people. You can find examples of my fanfiction work (albeit pretty old) here. I charge $10 per 200 words, and payment after initial draft before the final product (you have a say in the editing...
  2. mousetrap-mike

    Furry Erotica - critique

    Hi there! I'm pretty new here, and I'm writing a novel on furry erotica. Here's a link if you guys want to check it out, would appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism. www.furaffinity.net: Lola - Prologue by mousetrap-mike
  3. mousetrap-mike

    A new mouse looking to join a Writer's Group

    Hello there! My name is Mousetrap Mike, but you can just call me Mike. I'm a 24 year old mouse from California. I'm totally new to furaffinity and the whole scene, so looking for some people to get me on my feed (or paws, ahah). Anyway, I'm mostly specialized in writing, and would love to join...
  4. ScruffyMusk

    Help With M/M Pokemon Game!

    Hey guys! My name is ScruffyMusk, and I'm currently writing a ton for this project! www.furaffinity.net: Pokemon Sex Game ~ Passimian Troop Update! by ScruffyMusk There's also a more detailed journal on what I'm looking for here! Seeking Proofreaders / Uhh...Passionate Horndogs! --...
  5. Ama L. Thea

    Ama's Writing Commissions/Proofreading/Critiques!

    Hey, y'all! Just letting you know about this new lovely thing... I am a professional writer giving my services back to the fandom! I'll: write SFW and NSFW fiction; proofread your work; critique your work; probably a lot of other snazzy stuff, if you think of it before me. Multiple payment...
  6. FonzieThSuperWizard

    My literature. (The True Lives of Enders)

    The True Lives of Enders "book 1 of the Enders” by: Amado “Fonzie” Meza Chapter 1: Eve’s Supernatural The normal world. Vague, corrupted and without a soul. Some people wonder why these excuse for fallacies exist and why they are persistent as most of the time they are pervasive. Some...
  7. P

    DOGPATCH PRESS ARTICLE: The State of Furry Publishing

    Fred Patten goes through eight different Furry Publishers both big and small and how they are doing bring Furry literature. dogpatch.press: The State of Furry Publishing – Fred Patten gives the inside story of eight groups.
  8. P

    DOGPATCH PRESS ARTICLE: Civilized Beasts 2016 - Open for Submission

    Poem Anthology, Civilized Beasts, is open for submission. dogpatch.press: Poem Anthology Civilized Beasts 2016 – OPEN FOR SUBMISSION
  9. C

    Free Short Stories!

    I haven't been around for a while but I just got a new laptop and I wanna get back into the saddle of writing! Tell me if you have a story, about your character or anything else, and I'll get it done in at most a week after the request, or at least before tomorrow! I'll take two slots right...
  10. Joseph1R2P3

    Might do a writing raffle

    So I have not written anything anywhere in a long time, but I feel like writing again. That being said, I might hold a raffle if this thread can receive at least ten entries for said raffle in a weeks time. I would give a sample but I have none on this computer. The content will be nsfw with...
  11. P


    New military anthology edited by Dogpatch Press's own Fred Patten, Dogs of War, is OPEN FOR SUBMISSION. dogpatch.press: The Dogs of War: military fiction anthology OPEN FOR SUBMISSION
  12. W

    Seeking Author for Fanfiction

    Hullo! I'm looking for Thundercats 2011 fanfiction (I can provide relevant character and setting references if you need them). I'm pretty flexible where characterization is concerned, so authors who haven't seen the show needn't worry about getting things wrong. :') Budget I want to hire as...
  13. lilwane1312

    Hello everyfur!! Looking for somefur to comission me

    Im Night Swifty. young writer. full time furry . Part time crazy. so im looking to make money by writing a story for someone. im fine with any and all fetishes and prices range from $5-$20 depending on length and due date. If interested PM me here or email me at lilwane1312@gmail.com. If your...
  14. Skull Beast

    Will Trade Writing/Art for Art

    I'd love some more art of my sona, but unfortunately I am not in a position to pay for commissions. So, I can offer my writing in exchange instead. I would consider myself proficient at writing because I have years of experience. You can find examples of my writing on wattpad under the user...
  15. Rivalawless

    Writing commissions + Wolf Manipulations!

    Selling Writing commissions indefinitely and also have 5 slots open for wolf manipulations! Both links have the information and examples you are looking for. Writing commissions start at $5 and Wolf Manips start at $10 Writing Commissions (Open Indefinitely~!) -- Centipedle's Journal -- Fur...
  16. TheOriginalDaddyD

    Looking for Guest Stars

    I am writing a massive collection of stories called the Fantasy Palace and I am looking for people who's fursona's or characters would like to make an appearance in one of the many shows or private events the Palace holds. The fantasy palace takes place in a magical world with steam and diesel...
  17. feder

    Seeking dominant partner in RP

    I'm looking for a dom to do a stepfordization/ Anthro Housewife TF/TG Mind Control RP with. This is meant to help with a story, so I very much prefer someone good at writing, with at least two/three sentence replies. I'm open for any suggestions on setting and story, since I want this to be a...
  18. Xiraxis

    Zootopia Fanfic - Looking for co-author

    I am making this topic, because I want to find volunteers, which would find entertainment in the creation of a fan story based on Zootopia universe. Especially discussion concerning the draft of the story (dominant plot/conflict), moving to the design of eventual new characters, characteristics...
  19. feder

    Art Trade Open.

    Hey. I don't like just asking for art so I'm going to make this an art trade sorta thing. I'm a writer, specifically a TF writer, so if you're not into Transformation, this probably is not going to be your cup of tea. I'm looking for someone to draw something based on this story. I'm looking...
  20. LemurKat

    Writing non-human characters

    I write non-human characters all the time: animals, furries, goblins. Anyhow, I wish to write a blog post for my writers group about writing non-human characters, and I can go off my own experience, but I figured I'd ask you folks too, get some discussion going and all :) Basically, for...