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  1. Z

    (Free) New and looking to improve my writing!

    Hey there I havn't written anything for anyone before, but im looking to get better and figured someone here would be interested. Im willing to do pretty much anything in terms of fetish, besides underaged and general things that are illegal. Im not charging but definetly can only take one spot...
  2. ShroudedCelestial

    Writing Commission Now Commence! (Opening to New Clients)

    Greetings to all. I am the Shrouded Celestial, though you may call me C. A. Harrington or C. A. if you'd like. I would love to take on the challenge and privilege of writing for you. Be it a poem, song lyrics, or even something quick to tickle your senses, I'm here to provide for you. Take the...
  3. Salisha

    Just starting out as a writer, would love advice and examples on how to best succeed.

    Hi, I've been writing and roleplaying for almost a decade now, and I'd like to put what I've learned into practice writing story commissions relating to shared world I've helped build and develop with others, one that allows for a variety of kinks and themes that I enjoy writing and expanding...
  4. vikingbeast69

    Digital Art & Writing Commissions, $30 +

    Hey there! I’m currently offering digital art commissions, starting at $30 US for one-character drawings with $20 per each additional character in the drawing. This is comic book/cel shaded style art with very plain backgrounds. I’m happy to offer custom quotes for more intricate pieces. Any...
  5. Keramai

    What kind of NSFW stories do you want to read?

    Hello! I'm a writer and have noticed it's very difficult to find exactly what I'm looking for when I'm in the mood for some furry erotica. I want to know if there's any specific kinks, scenes, scenarios people are looking for and I'll do my best to write those out. I most likely won't be doing...
  6. BrunoMax895

    Looking for a writer for a possible motion comic on YouTube

    Hello there, everyone. My name's Jared and I've always wanted to have an animation channel on YouTube. At the moment, I just finished the pilot episode for my animated comedy series, V.I.P. Very Important Pup and had it upload to my channel. Here's a link to it if anyone is interested: Anyway...
  7. SynSynYT

    Any kink NSFW writing commissions

    Hello everyone, I will be doing writing commissions for the low, low price of 2 cents per word! Plus discounts whenever you make larger purchases! ~A little about me~ I am someone who has always had an interest in making others fantasies come true. I have always had a talent for writing but...
  8. F

    Commissions Open! (NSFW/SFW)

    Hey all, open to write stories at the moment. I'm still a bit new when it comes to writing stuff, but I'm willing to try most things (nsfw and kinks included, to be discussed on a per user basis) Prices are around 12.5-15 dollars per 1000 Words, though that can go lower depending on the...
  9. UwUCarlaUwU

    looking to write a story (SFW Only)

    i'll happily write, just give me some context, an idea, and a character!
  10. Rap Daniel

    Words of the Wizarding World(First draft)

    Here's the first draft! Very incomplete, I know. Tell me if I've already messed up, would you guys?
  11. Rap Daniel

    Copyright disclaimer

    I'm writing a dictionary of Harry Potter words, and attached is a snip of the copyright disclaimer. Did I do it right?
  12. Bluequill

    Looking to trade copy edits on NSFW story

    Hello there, I have a number of stories between 2K and 5k words in length that I would love to have copy edited before posting. I am looking for someone to simply read through them and look for spelling and grammatical mistakes. In return, I'd offer the same service to you for pieces of...
  13. Zenkiki

    Come join the new furry server, Fur lair (I am looking for a better name)

    Come join https://discord.gg/8fECGmf it is a small server looking to grow and build connections. Its main purpose is to have an easier time finding people you want to talk with. We have catagories for art, writing, gaming, chatting. RP, whatever else you want we got. If you are interested hop on...
  14. Sn1ck

    (Commission) Selling: Selling Stories 7.50$ per 1k words NSFW/SFW

    Hey Im selling some cheap writes so I can get some more literature on my Sofurry and on my FA. I can do NSFW and SFW up to 5k words at 7.50$ per 1k words if you're interested send me a note on my fa at https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sn1ck/ I have some examples here: The Winter Boy and the...
  15. TheHumanRubberband

    New Orleans Furries Needed!

    My name is Alexander, and while I am not a furry, I do need your help! I am currently writing a play about a couple who lives in New Orleans, and their dog is replaced with a member of the furry community. I have friends who participate in Cons, but I need to learn more about the New Orleans...
  16. Mrs. Sullivan

    NSFW Story Commissions - $5 to $15

    I'll be blunt, I'm looking to write some kinky stuff for cash so I may visit my boyfriend. I've been told I'm excellent at writing detailed smut, if you'd like a sample I have a story about a scientist and some slime. Feel free to ask via PM. Prices are based on pages (single spaced, 12 point...
  17. Elizzyviolet

    (Commission) Selling: Writer selling erotica story commissions for 3-4 cents per word (250 to 10k words)

    Literotica/Hentai Foundry author ElizzyViolet here: I am offering NSFW short story commissions. I specialize in original stories but can also do fanfiction. My stories have a total of 250k views across the twenty or so stories on the three platforms. My rates are 3 or 4 cents per word: the...
  18. fuzzypen

    (Commission) Selling: Craving for MORE Character Creation! ($10-100 USD)

    Greetings everyone! My name is Pen and I've recently joined the FA community. Thank you all for taking a look and I hope to be of service. Some of my most popular requests include character designs, logos/banners, Pet Portraits and of course, NSFW. (You can see the impure things AND ALSO THE...
  19. GirlWhoWrites

    Free Art: 500 word short stories.

    Hiya! I'm new here, but I've been lurking for a while. I'm interested in working with you to bring your ideas and visions to life~. I was and plan to take commissions, but scatterbrained me realized I don't have any examples of my work! I have written and authored stories before, but I'd like...
  20. 8Bit-Galaxy

    Is there a website for furry writing? (Not just comics)

    As much I love reading comics, I've always found that furry writing in book form is a lot less sparse, and many of them are 18+ anyway. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Which is a shame because I'd love to write furry stories, but I want to be where that seemingly-niche audience is. Is...