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  1. Grimm Hund

    (Commission) Selling: Bored Author Needs Work ($5-$100)

    Hello! I'm selling written works. Furry, Fantasy, Fiction, Canon Characters, etc I have a standard rate of $0.01 per word with a 500-word minimum. Come see my journal on FA! There are examples there of my work there. www.furaffinity.net: Creative Wolf Needs Work -- GrimmHund's Journal
  2. MaverickHunterDBoy

    (Commission) Selling: Writing Commissions--$15 per 1000 words (meaning $0.015 per word).

    So, I'm offering writing commissions. Rate: About $0.015 per word. (So, for example, a 1000-word work would be $15) [This rate may be subject to change in the near future, so keep your eyes open. Also, this doesn't include tax, so I'll be sure to mention this when preparing the payment.] It...
  3. AmethystMare

    (Commission) Selling: Custom writing, clean or kinky! (Prices from 25 GBP)

    Last call before prices (base of 25 increasing to 30 GBP per 1,000 words) go up on August 1st 2019! I have been taking commissions since 2011 and have a degree in English & Creative Writing under my belt. I am a flexible, experienced writer able to tackle a variety of scenarios and, where you...
  4. TikTikKobold

    (Commission) Selling: Fiction Writer (SFW and NSFW $5-$200)

    I like to keep myself open to writing commissions whenever I can, so if you’re interested in some stories, give me a note and we can work on something. Choosing Tik Tik I have been writing stories for patreon for awhile now, as well as plenty of commissions. Most of them are of the NSFW...
  5. Baemaxing

    ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง Heyo

    ʕ ·ᴥʔ Hello! New and here for stories! I love to read, and I guess I should stop lurking and make an account so I could show love to the stories that I like. New friends are always welcome, too. ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ
  6. VulpineCorvid

    Any advice for someone new at writing commissions?

    Recently I've started writing NSFW stories since it's the only thing I'm good at right now. I can't really draw, nor do I have a way to now. I decided that I could do commissions for stories from others, so I did that. I've done a few, though I'm having trouble with finding people. I know that...
  7. Y-de

    Posting from IOS?

    So, bad luck hit, and I don’t have my laptop anymore. I have a phone, but is there any way I can upload text files from here?
  8. AmethystMare

    (Commission) Selling: Clean and erotic stories (25 GBP - unlimited)

    Good morning! Just popping in over here that I am open for commission work as an experienced writer, short stories priced at 25 GBP per 1000 words, although I do also have Iron Author slots available at 40 GBP per 2000 word mini story (special offer). My FurAffinity gallery has the complete...
  9. Wynst Draws

    Free Art: Writing short story to warm up

    wanting to get some new content on my profile and need the exercise to get back into writing. I’ll do a short scene, light character bio, etc. SFW and NSFW okay as long as we discuss. Won’t do certain things you know. Thanks!
  10. VulpineCorvid

    (Commission) Selling: Now doing SFW Stories as well or NSFW for anything Base Price $5/$7

    Now doing SFW commissions as well! They are priced the same as NSFW commissions without hard fetishes currently. I am willing to write stories starting at $5 or $7 USD depending on content. I am willing to do almost anything, provided that the scenes and characters are original. My preferred...
  11. D

    Emergence, a Magic and science story

    So, i've written down a tale on Wattpad (in french) and i translated some of the chapters (from beginning to the 9th). I'd like to know if there are people interested in reading it and where should i put it then. Also, for people who wonder, there are many furry characters in it, as many as...
  12. Narri

    Notepad: Interesting Program To Break Procrastination When It Comes To Writing.

    getcoldturkey.com: Cold Turkey Writer I was listening to a podcast earlier today and came across this little gem of a program. It bricks your computer to the app until you get to a pre-determined word count or time limit. The only other way you can get out of the program is to restart your...
  13. AmethystMare

    (Commission) Selling: Experienced author offering custom stories (SFW & NSFW) at 25 GBP per 1000 words base rate!

    I have been taking commissions since 2011 and have a degree in English & Creative Writing under my belt. I am a flexible, experienced writer able to tackle a variety of scenarios and, where you like it, kinks. There is nothing I will not tackle in my stories and I welcome all challenges thrown...
  14. SoL-JoS

    A writing challenge for ALL of us! (All writing skill levels welcome)

    I was editing my newest story as I logged into FA today and something occurred to me... What if we all came together and wrote a story one paragraph at a time? Please keep it SFW to be respectful to the rest of the community. Let's go! - - - - - - - The sun blazed overhead and a weak breeze...
  15. NerotheCoy

    Free Art: Free writing commissions to build up my profile

    Hey guys, I've done a decent amount of writing and I wanna start getting into more client oriented work! So to build my profile I will be accepting a limited number of free commissions. Either message me or email NerotheCoy@gmail.com I'm willing to write whatever SFW and NSFW but if you have any...
  16. KD142000

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW Writing, 18+ Only (Starting at $10)

    Hello, all! As I'm sure you'll remember, I asked for advice on commissions for my writing, recently. Well, now I'm here to offer you the chance to have erotica pieces created featuring YOUR characters! If you would like to see examples of my work, I have two recent pieces to show. PM me if...
  17. megami83

    (Commission) Selling: Writing commissions, budget $40-$100

    Hi everyone, I'm currently open for one commission, priced $10 USD per 1,000 words. Samples of my work can be found here: mgnsh2.wixsite.com: Writing | mgnsh83 Please no fanfic or NSFW. Please post here or be in touch privately with any ideas or questions. Thanks!
  18. KD142000

    Should I Do Writing Commissions?

    Hello, all! After doing a bunch of writing recently, I was thinking that maybe it could be possible for me (or other writers) to do commissions for short pieces involving their sonas or OC's? Would anyone genuinely pay for that? I'm not an expert at writing myself, so if I ever did do a...
  19. MGFerret

    I've Launched a Kcikstarter to Fund Printing My Comic

    I've taken the leap to try an fund the first printing of my webcomic Orbit: Encounter. I'd be so grateful if you would consider backing this project - or if you can't but would still like to show your support to my campaign I would be grateful if you could share this campaign with your friends...
  20. RafaleFlight

    Some of my Work

    I may not be much of an artist, but I'd like to post some of my writing chops here, for your perusal. In my, shall we say, less experienced days I wrote fanfic pieces with some moderate success. These days I've written a few short stories, published two of them, and I like to work on little...