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  1. Melnew

    Write a short scp file for the person above you~

    So just drop a sfw ref and the person below will twist your character and write a short scp file based on them that person will then leave a ref/description for the next person. I'll start out by doing a file for the first person who comments.
  2. Theta Free

    New Writing Commissions Artist :)

    Hello everyone, I'm Theta Free and I'm so happy to be here with all of you. I'm here open for writing commissions of really anything, just message me! It can be squeaky clean, or perhaps a bit more NSFW, I do NOT judge I'm a very open minded person ;). Message me and we can talk all the details...
  3. Mr. Butterton

    Furry Stories! (SFW or NSFW)

    Hello everyone! As the title states, I'm looking to be commissioned to write stories! I write in any and all genres. From horror to Epics, to romance, to Slice of Life, to even erotica. I charge $0.01 per word. I can fit about 500 words per page. So each page is about $5. Here's a link to my...
  4. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story!!!

    Okay. Let's write a story that anyone can add to. There are, however, a few minor rules. It must flow. We will be writing in first person present tense (with the exception of frame narratives). Also, if you're not going to write more than a paragraph, don't write at all. Remember, a...