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  1. Sinamuna

    Forum under endless maintanance on pc but not my phone??

    I haven't been able to access FA Forums for nearly an entire year because when I go to it on my computer it says it's under maintenance. Every. Time. Decided to try it on my phone this morning and no issues.what the actual frick is going on? :(
  2. mrtnmnee

    Nekojishi Shock

    So, I came here to ask something. Is it normal that after my first playthrough of Nekojishi, I started shaking, became really stressed and stared at nothing for a whole hour? Im really not sure what the hell is happening. I feel very confused and... I dont even know what the hell Im feeling. (I...
  3. Leo Whitepaw

    One word

    Pick one word to describe your entire existence with. Please, no-one pick sexy
  4. Leo Whitepaw

    Lego Movie 2

    LEGO MOVIE 2 Coming 2019 So, that's a thing now, apparently.
  5. A

    Cloudflare preventing me from posting any shouts etc

    As the title says cloudflare is preventing me from posting shouts, notes or comments while on mobike. Everytime I attempt to I get "cloudflare is checking your browser" when it pops up again nothing is posted.
  6. Xander Martin

    Parappa & Ma-San: Lammy's and Katy's Inside Stories (Parappa The Rapper Vore Fanfic)

    www.furaffinity.net: Parappa & Ma-San: Lammy's and Katy's Inside Stories (Fanfic) by xandermartin98 It's the first Parappa The Rapper fanfic to have Lammy and Katy literally fuck each other's brains out, slather them in bodily fluids and eat them; need I really say more? (also, you get to watch...
  7. Xander Martin

    Giantess Toriel X Asriel, Alphys X Flowey, and Lammy X Parappa (the unholy trifecta of fapfics)

    www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Toriel X Asriel: Motherly Fuckery by xandermartin98 Motherly Fuckery www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Alphys X Flowey: Vengeful Torment by xandermartin98 Vengeful Torment www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Lammy X Parappa: Big-Step-Sisterly Fuckery by xandermartin98...
  8. D

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry

    Hidden Figures is an upcoming movie about the African American physicist and mathematician Katherine Johnson. She has calculated the trajectories of many NASA space missions from Project Mercury all the way to the 1969 Apollo 11 launch. Hidden Figures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hidden...
  9. Ricky

    Really great laws that are still in effect

    For a certain reasons I was researching federal law and came across these laws: We, as a country, are very concerned with the exact measurements for apple barrels. Serious crimes carry serious punishments. If you were not aware of this, you could get caught selling apples one day, you...
  10. V

    Why does this keep happening...

    This is the third time now. I don't know why the fuck it keeps doing this. It's really pissing me off. This also tends to happen when I'm usually replying a lot, which is just a pain....I basically can't reply when this happens.