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  1. Amyntas

    (+18) Female Wyvern Seeking Romantic RP

    Hey there~ I'm currently quite in the mood for romantic, long-term stuff, and since this is rather specific, I might as well ask here. I'm looking for a partner who's character is preferrably male, or herm, and is more on the assertive, slightly dominant side. I really love other scalies and...
  2. Luna0712

    Hiring: Looking for an artist to help me with a new OC $25 - 70 (SFW)

    So. I have a new wyvern/dragon anthro OC and I was wondering if someone could help me create her. I will DM details and colours palettes to those who are willing to take this on. I always look at the artist's work to check out their style and to get a picture of their skills, so if examples...
  3. PalDreamer

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Dragon YCH: "Footprints" SB:70$ MB: 10$ AB: 250$

    Whoever leaves these tracks, it would be better for them to get out of this forest as soon as possible... The auction: www.furaffinity.net: YCH "Footprints" [OPEN] by PalDreamer SB: 70$ MB: 10$ AB: 250$ The result: 70$-90$ - colored sketchy art Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Sudden rain by...
  4. P

    Bra for Bat/Wyvern type character

    Hey all. I'm new here and have a question regarding bat and wyvern style characters. Since their arms double as their wings, at least with how I'm drawing/imagining them, how would the females support their breasts? What kind of bra would work if any?
  5. Amyntas

    Hiring: Need a Ref-Sheet, based on an existing one (NSFW - feral wyvern)

    Hello everyone!~ So, a while back I commissioned a ref-sheet of my first fursona, Amyntas - He was an anthro wyvern. Now I want him to be a feral one though, so I need a new ref-sheet. ^^ (Because honestly, feral wyverns look better.) The existing ref-sheet is down below for reference. I'd also...
  6. FerAdami Lopes Adami

    Rock Wyvern Auction

    ** Rock Wyvern Adopt Auction ** Auction.. Starts now! ends : 25 January 2019 16:00 HOURS Eastern Standard Time (EST) (New York). 19:00 HOURS Brazil time (GMT -3) www.timeanddate.com: EST – Eastern Standard Time (Time Zone Abbreviation) Auction SB: $40 AB: $160 -- Includes a ref sheet min...
  7. samudre

    Fantasy Character YCH (SFW or NSFW)

    --- Your feral fantasy character here for just $18! Full-size version can be seen here. The final product will include sketchy linework and flat colors. Example here (NSFW.) --- RULES: + Payment must be made upfront. + USD only. PayPal only. + Ferals only. + Character must have wings...
  8. reptile logic

    A shameless plug; The Accidental Ambassador

    As long as I'm in this section, I thought that I would plug my book again. The Accidental Ambassador, by D A Barr. Available in e-book form practically everywhere, distributed through Bookbaby. Places like here: Barnes&Noble And here: Amazon Currently on sale (news to me) for $3.03usd...
  9. Rin-Ink

    Dragon/Wyvern Auction [OPEN 2 weeks]

    My first entirely custom drawn dragon/wyvern auction! I am actually quite proud of this piece ( But the legs annoy me. :( ( Oh well. Nothing anatomy studies can't fix in future! ) Here's the link to the auction on FA: www.furaffinity.net: Dragon/Wyvern Auction [OPEN] by Rin-Ink Auction...
  10. Kenadragon

    Auction: Dragon YCH

    Explore deep within the earth with this YCH www.furaffinity.net: YCH "Cave Spires" [OPEN] by Drekena The Details: -Any gender -Any dragon, wyvern, serpent, dragon-like species, gryphon, DAD, ect. -Painterly style Starting bid: $50 Minimum Increase: $5 Auto Buy: $150 ---At $70 you can choose...
  11. reptile logic

    Wanted to share, because it's pretty

    You may have seen this on FA dot net or maybe Deviant Art. In any case, I thought I would share this portrait here as well. This is a character in The Accidental Ambassador, by D A Barr. Khyaber Userpage of khyaber -- Fur Affinity [dot] net was commissioned to do the work, and I am very happy...
  12. reptile logic

    Paperbacks are in, The Accidental Ambassador!

    Edit: added more ordering info. Update!! The paperbacks are in! I am working toward getting them in the local, Seattle area, book stores as well as some of the big retailers. In the meantime you can contact me directly for a copy. The first 300 to be sold are signed and numbered. Sorry, no...
  13. Lashzara

    Dragons or wyverns?

    Which do you like better? I see lots of dragons, and dragon cosplays, but not so many wyverns. I'm working on a wyvern suit right now, but I have had a dragon character for a long time that I used to use for everything. (Dragons have 4 legs, wyverns have 2)
  14. Kenadragon

    YCH Winged Pose

    FA Link: www.furaffinity.net: YCH Auction "In Flight" [OPEN] by Drekena The finished picture will be similar to these: www.furaffinity.net: YCH Noon time Stroll by Drekena www.furaffinity.net: Underwater Dragon by Drekena The Details: -Any gender -Any winged species: dragon, wyvern, gryphon...
  15. Lashzara

    Ideas for Wyvern Project

    http://imgur.com/a/vGbCP <-- The concept art and materials. (Converted to plain text because weird happens) I have most of what I want to do figured out, but I'm a little bit concerned about how I'm going to design the face and wings. I was originally going to knit some kind of head thing for...