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  1. S

    Are the locust horde anthropomorphic animals?

    I remember reading the game reviews and watching the YouTube videos about the lore of gears war series I found out that the horde are lizard folks or something. They have different species of hordes but I don't know.
  2. F

    Saints Row 2 help/questions (because YouTube is useless)

    So I bought Saints Row 2 on my xbox one. I want to know if co-op and multiplayer still work? And is there any way to port Gentlemen of the row mod to console using a USB or something? YouTube keeps giving me GTA and Saints row 3-4 videos when I searched saints row 2.
  3. Darklight

    Warframe on xbox

    Anyone wanna join me and play some warframe on xbox
  4. Andie

    xbox player!

    hi, I'm Andie cx I'm looking for other furries who play xbox so I have some new gaming buddies! I play Destiny 2, Minecraft, For Honor, Red Dead, and Black Desert! my gamertag is reslaytable, add me!
  5. Andie

    Furry Xbox Players

    are their any gamers furries who play xbox! I'd love to become friends and play together! You can add me on discord, reslaytable#9712 , or add me on xbox, reslaytable!
  6. D

    Best CoD game of all time?.....

    I gotta say Black Ops. Based on real events, one of the best campaigns of all time.
  7. Benji Zero Devos

    XBox One!

    Soon I will get a new XBox One! But, it will be soon. :)
  8. Beatle9

    Overlooked games

    This is a threat about games that you really like that you just don't think get the attention they deserve. This isn't an "underrated" thread, but an "overlooked" thread. Good games that people just don't seem to pay attention to. I guess I'll start by mentioning a game called Urban Chaos: Riot...
  9. Swivirx

    New gamertag wanted!

    I'm looking for a new unique gamertag that I can use for all consoles and PC. I'd like for it to start with an S, have less than 7 letters, be made up, and be easy to pronounce. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon! - G
  10. F

    Xbox 360 hard drive recovery

    Hey guys. I'd like to ask for help if you can offer it. I was trying to update my 360 one day and it got restarted during the update. So, now the hard drive is corrupt. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't support 360 repair anymore, so they couldn't help much. I know plenty of people are way more...
  11. E

    Is GTA Online flaky for anyone else?

    I know that GTA V has a bad track record for having some of the worst connectivity issues, but the game has been out for 2 years now and I'm still being kicked from lobbies/can't join online missions like... at all. All my other games work just fine so I know it's not my interent, so what gives...
  12. P


    For those that own an "Xbox 360", I have a question. Among third party controllers, WHICH would you say, was the worst one that YOU used, that was ever made for it? I'm just asking an honest, friendly question. First party controllers, however, DO NOT COUNT, for this case. Rules: Since...
  13. G

    Trying to meet new people

    So I suck at trying to meet new people. I wanna make some friends in the fandom as I don't really know to many and my friends near me don't get the whole furry thing.... so anyone wanna play xbox or league of legends or something
  14. Its Maxx

    [Xbox One] Looking For Furry Friends c:

    Hey i'm Maxx or maxxypoo (idk its a nickname) I'm looking for furry friends on my new gamertag. I just started a fresh account so i dont have many friends at all and playing alone is boring :( my GAMERTAG is GayHuskyMaxx << Im fun. I have bo3, gta5, halo5, blackops 1, and moree. You can also...
  15. fangneonpaw

    Anyone up for playing the legendary campaign on halo the Master Chief Collection.

    If anyone is interested message me on xbox my gamer tag is UNTAMED WOLF dont forget the space. Will be on from 8:10pm - 2:00am central.