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xbox one

  1. Cres Moon

    Looking for some people to play with

    I play on xbox one and only have two friends who actively get on but they only want to play Apex Legends. So I'm looking for some people who might want to play Squadrons, Pay Day 2, CoD MW, Killing Floor 2, Halo MCC, or War thunder My xbox gamer tag is Cres Moon
  2. cyrus_grey

    [Xbox One] Overwatch + Discord chat? 18+

    Hello everyone, My name is Adam and Im vvv new the forums and I'm looking for some people to talk to and play Overwatch with, along with share art and other shenanigans. Add me on discord: @Comrade_Cyr#5399 Once you add me on discord I'll send you my gamertag and we can get to playing 18+...
  3. F

    Xbox One furries?

    I got away from xbox due to personal issues, but my friend Jeremy/Dar'rassi @Jkitty almost has wifi, and is looking for fur friends. He would've posted this himself, but he forgot his login info. If you're interested, add him and he'll add you eventually. Here's more info. (Xbox one) Gamertag...
  4. F

    Saints Row 2 help/questions (because YouTube is useless)

    So I bought Saints Row 2 on my xbox one. I want to know if co-op and multiplayer still work? And is there any way to port Gentlemen of the row mod to console using a USB or something? YouTube keeps giving me GTA and Saints row 3-4 videos when I searched saints row 2.
  5. Andie

    xbox player!

    hi, I'm Andie cx I'm looking for other furries who play xbox so I have some new gaming buddies! I play Destiny 2, Minecraft, For Honor, Red Dead, and Black Desert! my gamertag is reslaytable, add me!
  6. T

    Does anyone have an xbox and play black ops 4 or state of decay 2?

    I have more games but those are my favorite games rn to play
  7. T

    Xbox One - Overwatch/Rocket League/Etc.

    Lookin for people to play with cuz I'm super bored this summer as I wait to start college. So hmu at ThaConk, also mention you're from FA if you do otherwise I might ignore you.
  8. Protoshy

    Destiny 2

    Ok, so I play Destiny. I've loved and hated this game since I bought it. I bought all the DLC, I completed its moments of triumphs, and bought the shirt. Now comes the time in my life when I have to make a decision; Do I buy the sequel? I unfortunately do not have much money to spend and I've...
  9. Impulse-8

    Questions about Skyrim: Enhanced Edition

    For anyone that has Skyrim: Enhanced Edition for the PS4 (Or Xbox One, that's fine), I have two questions: 1. Are the loading times better in the Enhanced Edition over the PS3/Xbox 360 versions? 2. Can you get these mods on it? Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) Sky UI Personalized Music Jaxonz...
  10. Nosta

    Anyone play DESTINY on Xbox One?

    So I might get some flack for this but does anyone play Destiny on Xbox One? I find it to be a great FPS pick up game. Or really any other online multiplayer games? Just send me a msg Nosta001
  11. AdroitCoyote

    Casual Destiny/Overwatch Players: X1

    Two friends and I are looking for a handful of furry gamers who'd like to make a small group or clan or whatever you want to call it to frequently play together. We're primarily looking for Destiny players that would be interested in Raiding frequently, like once a week, or playing Crucible...
  12. M

    Looking to have fun. (Xbox One)

    I play Gta quite a bit and I'm just looking for people to do heists and races and whatnot. Just general dicking around. My gamertag is MotaRessu, and I lead a pirate crew called The ShimmyShammies.