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  1. F

    Saints Row 2 help/questions (because YouTube is useless)

    So I bought Saints Row 2 on my xbox one. I want to know if co-op and multiplayer still work? And is there any way to port Gentlemen of the row mod to console using a USB or something? YouTube keeps giving me GTA and Saints row 3-4 videos when I searched saints row 2.
  2. Protoshy

    Destiny 2

    Ok, so I play Destiny. I've loved and hated this game since I bought it. I bought all the DLC, I completed its moments of triumphs, and bought the shirt. Now comes the time in my life when I have to make a decision; Do I buy the sequel? I unfortunately do not have much money to spend and I've...
  3. F

    Xbox 360 hard drive recovery

    Hey guys. I'd like to ask for help if you can offer it. I was trying to update my 360 one day and it got restarted during the update. So, now the hard drive is corrupt. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't support 360 repair anymore, so they couldn't help much. I know plenty of people are way more...
  4. Lashzara

    A summary of Devil May Cry

  5. Kioskask

    Xbox 360/Ps3 gamers...

    Is anyone else here still using the last gen consoles??