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  1. wonke0

    (Base/YCH) Selling: CHRISTMAS YCHs (22-33usd)

    SANTA PAWS YCH 30 usd Fluffy Gift YCH 20 usd any species payment via Paypal (+10%) pm if interested
  2. WolfySilver

    (Other) Selling: Festive Decorations, Greetings Cards, Pin Badges, Stickers and More! (Featuring rodents, ferrets, reptiles, budgies and more!)

    I've got lots of new pieces available in my Etsy store right now, including a huge range of festive things (like Christmas decorations, hand painted as well as printed onto acrylic charms), greetings cards and lots of gift ideas too! https://wolfysilver.etsy.com/ I have lots of original pieces...
  3. Vinfang

    Free Art: Art Raffle [OPEN]

    To get a present: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/50283346/ Happy new year to y'all adorable fluff balls, Vinfang & Damus
  4. Magicka~

    Request: Christmas-Themed Owl Witch | Kunoichi Cat ✨

    Happy Holidays everyone~! School is out for me and now I'm happily celebrating Christmas without having pressure from the 8 classes I took. Why not celebrate with a prompt for Christmas themed artwork of my sonas~? It can be SFW to NSFW. What can you concoct~? Some ideas: - A sona shyly...
  5. Starlet Fables

    (Commission) Selling: Starlet Fables' Xmas Commission Sale!! 25% Discount for 2 Slots!!

    Links: FurAffinity Twitter Facebook DeviantArt Reddit My Terms of Service My Commission Sheet My Reference Sheet Spirit Blossom Ahri Ultimate Form Fanart Jurota Shishida Art Trade Ziggs Fanart Nasus Fanart
  6. Vinfang

    Free Art: Xmas 2020 [closed]

    To get a X'mas present: 1, watch+ poprocker566@FA ( or any of my other social media accounts ) 2, link your ref 3, tell a friend 4, make a lil' wish (anything goes, from a teensy lollipop to a full set of exo-skeleton body armor which I'll deliver. ) Happy holidays to y'all adorable fluff...
  7. JuliyMiuliy

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Christmas headshot YCH $20-30

    YCHs for Christmas mood! Multiple slots! Races: canines and felines Genders: any! Modify: hair, pupils, collar, horns Prices: Lineart flat colored $20 Lineart shaded $25 Lineless $30 Prepayment via PayPal invoice More examples of my art on my Furaffinity...
  8. Fallowfox

    How many Xmas trees in your house?

    A while ago I was trying to estimate the size of the forest you would get if you gathered together all the Christmas trees in the world. I estimated each family of four in the West might have a Christmas tree, but I spoke with an American I live next to and she told me that her family has...
  9. Zefy

    XMAS YCH [20$]

    SB - 20$ MI - 5$ AB - 70$ NSFW and SFW \if you want\ any species, but not wings only female prepayment on paypal auction ends 3 days after last bids or after AB Bids here in comments -> www.furaffinity.net: XMAS YCH by ZefyUnU
  10. little.fox

    Holiday YCH's! Yule themes! Full color starting at $20

    Hi there! I'm doing Holiday and Yule themed YCH's until the end of December ^^ Below are the YCH's I currently have available, along with their prices! Only one slot at a time will be open for each. I accept payment via Paypal, Amazon giftcard, or Cashapp. All of my YCH's can be ANY...
  11. ruruscube

    Xmas and regular commissions!

    Commission Journal: www.furaffinity.net: OPEN COMMISSIONS -- ruruscube's Journal All prices in EURO. Commission Examples: (Warning: Gallery mostly NSFW/Adult!) Artwork Gallery for ruruscube -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If youd like a xmas commission please order before the 18th dec. I cannot...
  12. DravenDonovan

    7 Character Xmas Group Art

    *Closed* Price Range: $100-$600 Artist Style/Ability: Looking for someone who draws in an Anime/Manga style, who is capable of drawing; Humans, Anthros (Fox/Dragon), Kemonomimis (Humans with animal ears/tails), Armor, and maybe even weapons. Needs to also be good with backgrounds, which will...