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ych art

  1. Dezigre

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH - feral winged wolf - flat price

    More information | Link - www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] OPEN - Feral winged wolf | Flat price by Dezigre ToS - sta.sh: Terms of Use Example of my art: The result will be close to this - www.furaffinity.net: [Trade] Sunrise by Dezigre ______ PayPal and EUR only. Any changes can be applied to...
  2. justsmith

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Ballgag YCH - $10

    you can view more details here! www.furaffinity.net: icon ych - gagged - endless slots! by justsmith (nsfw)
  3. zahpkiel

    (Other) Selling: Promo Furry / Anthro - lineart / full color - sfw or nsfw

    Are you tired of your old Oc? Do you want your character to be sexy and updated? I am pleased to inform you that I am with open commissions to make your characters are something eye-catching. Slot1 (160$) two arts of your character, with the clothes you want or nsfw Slot2 (200$) three arts of...
  4. T

    (Nsfw)Free ych

    1 character per person No body type change www.furaffinity.net: Free ych by Phill_remy Free ych open by Phillremy < Submission | Inkbunny, the Furry Art Community
  5. vile

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Vile's YCHs Starting at $5!

    Hiya! Eventually im hoping to have a pretty decent amount of YCHs available. I'll add more YCHs eventually! first one example v uhm i hope these images aren't too big. Anyway, thanks for reading, hopefully ill have more soon!<3
  6. vile

    Paw YCH$5

    Example<3 Please message me if interested<3:p
  7. Jakarva

    Hyena YCH 5 slots open

    $20 flat price, 5 open slots YCH right now. Flat color or Shading let me know. Paypal USD only, no refunds. You can post it on media, but credit/Tag me, I can provide my username for various sites upon request I will send the paypal request pay before you receive the file. Must provide a...
  8. pimpartist

    Christmas lights YCH - animated!!

    Hey guys! I'm going to open up this YCH for the week leading up to Christmas! I will be doing around one of these per day, the final one being delivered on 24 December. ONLY 10 SLOTS !! 35 USD/slot Rules: - any species - any gender - Santa hat and outfit stays the same - Christmas lights...
  9. Zefy

    XMAS YCH [20$]

    SB - 20$ MI - 5$ AB - 70$ NSFW and SFW \if you want\ any species, but not wings only female prepayment on paypal auction ends 3 days after last bids or after AB Bids here in comments -> www.furaffinity.net: XMAS YCH by ZefyUnU
  10. Wilarose

    $5 FULLY SHADED Holiday YCH!

    $5 for the shaded YCH Same day turnaround! PayPal payment Message me here or on Discord Wilarose#3385
  11. Neha_Sonakshi

    Fall Days YCH

    So I'm going to take a stab at this YCH thing. Examples: All species and genders welcome! Prices are $15 apiece :D I will TRY to do wings & horns, though I can't promise anything. Hat, scarf, mittens, and gloves are customizable as well. Character will be flat colored with some shading...
  12. Akate Millbryut

    ych 10$

    Hey guys. for lovers of paws, I decided to make this cute sketch. A simple color will cost $ 10, but to improve the quality you need to agree on a price. An example of my work can be viewed below.
  13. SataNats


    [Bad english alert!!!] Well, hello everyone! I am very new in the fur fandom aaaaand I want to improve my art. Things have been pretty hard (very, very hard, really) and I would love to do some comissions and get some money, but I kinda suck, yea. So I want to do some free stuff, at least once...
  14. LunarTiger

    Are ‘YCH’ worth it?

    Hey guys! Lately I’ve seen a lot of YCH submissions on FurAffinity. Usually they have an auction or a flat bid price. My question is, are they worth the time and effort? Artists: Have you had success with creating YCH? What tips do you have to make these posts successful? People who buy YCH...
  15. I

    Option for a streaming announcement instead of posting submissions

    Would it be possible to add an option that would allow users to send out a notification separate from submissions or journal notifications to cut down on dozens of deleted submissions or days to month old streaming posts? Possibly a notification page that isn't attached to the new submissions...
  16. Wolf Maiden

    Trip YCH

    Hey! I am selling these YCH for $15 a pop! I am trying to save up for my trip to Japan in the coming months! A) Taiyaki Ice Cream YCH 50 / 50 SLOTS B) Male YCH 50 / 50 SLOTS C) Female YCH 50 / 50 SLOTS Open until February 10th -hesitant- Fully colored and Shaded Any Species Any...
  17. UBCalico

    Muscular YCH, starting at $5 USD!

    I have a YCH auction up, however my FA account (UBCalico) doesn't get much traffic, so I decided to put it on the forums too. The starting bid is $5 and it's nice and detailed. I can do SFW or NSFW, any species, basically anything you want! I'd love if you go check it out. www.furaffinity.net...
  18. KingKurt

    Two NSFW YCH's

    Both up for flat sale of $10~! www.furaffinity.net: YCH fixed price by Pedle (NSFW - Tentacles) www.furaffinity.net: Self Service YCH! Fixed price by Pedle (NSFW - Self service) Any species! Here's some SFW finished examples
  19. Alkraas

    Can YCH's - Unlimited Slots

    Hi there! I'm selling a Can YCH. It's your character holding onto their favorite drink! Flat: 8€ Shaded: 15€ My Terms of service can be found here: docs.google.com: Alkraas Terms Of Service Please read my TOS before placing an order. I can do any species, any gender. the can may have any...
  20. MaraArt

    YCH "Ren is waiting for you" 25$ 2 slots- July 29

    Hello, i just wanna present my YCH , if you are interested just follow this link: www.furaffinity.net: YCH "Ren is waiting for you" 25$ 2 slots- July 29 by MaraArt