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young furs

  1. Trustino

    Hello there! Artist here!

    Hello everyone! As you can probably tell due to the fact that I'm making this post, I'm New to the forums! I've had Furaffinity for about a few months now, and I've mainly posted my art there, but I'll definitely think about posting about my writing and such soon. I'm a teenager, and I suppose...
  2. AdenineWolf

    Your Advice/Thoughts to Young Furs

    What advice would you give to Young Furries? What are your thoughts on Young Furs?
  3. JadenJackal

    Advice for young furs goin to a con alone.

    This year im going to be going to my second con but this time alone, last time I dragged my sister along so I wouldn't be alone, I had tons of fun but was super shy and was to intimated to talk to any other furs. This year I'll be going to canfurence alone, im just a little nervous cause im a...