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  1. Oshca

    [NSFW YCH auction] Christmas themed pic

    A naughty christmas YCH is waiting for bids. Santa's reindeer are relaxing in his groto to have a little fun before the big day... This is a NSFW YCH with two slots. Starting bids are £20 and £25 depending on which slot. In short, it's any anthro bi-pedal character, any gender, but no wings...
  2. zobielle

    Summer Pool YCH Auction!

    I made a YCH the other day based on a picture that I thought was really pretty. It's on it's starting bid of $10! It ends on Wednesday at 10pm PST! www.furaffinity.net: Summer Pool YCH! OPEN! by zovielle
  3. twilightakamar

    YCH Auction, Holiday ladies

    Two figure, YCH auction. Starting Bid: $40 Minimum bid increase is 5$ Autobuy: 100$ (one can hope) Auction ends 11-24-16, at 8pm cnt. (or roughly around thirdsies of pie). Please bid at www.furaffinity.net: YCH Holiday Ladies by Twilakam
  4. UndyingSongArt

    [NSFW] "Couch Fun" YCH auction !!

    Would love to turn this adult WIP into a fully completed image for the winner(s)! -> www.furaffinity.net: [ADULT Auction] Your-Characters-Here Couch Fun~! by UndyingSong Please take a look! Thank you. :D