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  1. TyraWadman

    Draw Your Sona In The Style Above You

    I debated on putting this in the art threads but didn't want it to get mixed with all the ads. The rules are simple! Draw your sona in style the user above has mentioned, and then leave your own prompt! Be sure to include a SFW Reference! I'll pick the starting style: Obviously Skill...
  2. RainFlame

    (Base/YCH) Selling: [OPEN] New Year Couple YCH, $20, Unlimited Slots

    New Years anthros this time! Unlimited slots on this one, but I will only work on three at a time, and as long as you purchase at least three days before the 29th, you'll have it by New Years if you wanted it as a gift :) $20 each slot! That's for both characters. An example of a finished one...
  3. Yakukid

    Valentine's day YCH- sexy pinup

    ✦End auction: 8 FEB 10pm CET (central european time) Will be done by valentine's day✦ SB: 70$ Min increase: 5$ at 90$: +nips version AB: 200$ + clear water/ no extra charge for wings +$10 for wings (except for AB) Only paypal Any species Only female/futa Please, bid here...
  4. Zehlua

    Describe your Fursona(s) in 5 Words or Less

    Blueberry Chocolate Disco Fairy Bat (Zehlua)
  5. A

    Video Games With Your Significant Other

    To say that my most recent breakup was a rough one would be a massive understatement as the reasoning behind it was much worse than simple arguments. I do, however, have many positive memories associated with that relationship with one of those being the few times we played video games together...
  6. H

    Short story about your fursona

    As many of you know I like to expain everything like if I was telling the story so now it's your turn Here you can tell the story of your fursona, who is he/she, how did the life developed etc. I will start Jerzy Hmiejewski was born into poor yet noble family, he didn't had easy start in life...
  7. Tussytot

    YCH Auctions - Come join in the fun!

    I am currently doing a 'YCH' auction that allows you to bid on a VERY NSFW pose. Be sure to read the rules before bidding and HAVE fun! YCH AUCTION LINK
  8. Industrial

    Summer Pool Time YCH! Very low bids!

    Please check this out!!! www.furaffinity.net: Relaxing Pool YCH by TheLostKarst86 www.furaffinity.net: Relaxing Pool YCH by TheLostKarst86 www.furaffinity.net: Relaxing Pool YCH by TheLostKarst86
  9. Rant

    Nazis suck, change my mind

    via Imgflip Meme Generator And let the fires begin.
  10. Keykaye

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH icons

    Hey just wanting to sell some YCH base icons to get some spare cash. Flexible on prices if need be just ask! bases can be edited to fit characters, middle right i can modify for any season or theme, and remove the drink or steam if need be. Top row has many background and boarder options. Im...
  11. Zyren_EX

    Furry Telegram YCH~!

    SB $5 | AB $35 Go here for live auction --> Furry Telegram YCH You don't need a YCH account to bid, just a working e-mail Can be any OC of any species (even humans) AB includes a freeavatar/DP
  12. TJ-45

    NSFW YCH Available

    WARNING NSFW template: NSFW YCH Please check link for more information. Any species, any gender. Available for 20$-25$. Price covers two versions together: one with fluids visible, one without. 5 slots available as of this posting.
  13. fluffgator

    Fluffgator's YCH Auctions [Current SB @ $70] [affordable & vibrant]

    This thread will regularly change to reflect my current/past auctions. - Open YCHs - INFO - Your character will be added where the placeholder is. - Species, body type, expression, and clothing can be changed to fit the character. - No outstretched wings or other large details that would...
  14. TuchimuchiYoshi


    Follow the Link for more Info and leave your comments there: --https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20565410/ HEY ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE!! I've got a YCH Contest Special for you!! You lucky guys and gals have the chance to have your character fill the silhouette in one of these...
  15. Ryuu Girl

    It's your fault if you failed to update your electronic mail.

    Disclaimer: Different opinions. This does not apply to you if you remember your information but the FA system refuses to send you a confirmation code. "But I made an accounts so people don't know I'm a furry or like porn!":oops: If you cared about your account you would have ensured that you...