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  1. Chomby

    The Furry Pit

  2. G

    Hi Frens, If you would like to share your YouTube channels, feel free.

    I am starting a channel on Art and Capitalism as a chronically unemployed artist (mostly due to mental health reasons). I'd like to get into video-essays and talking about furry culture as well later on. Feel free to check it out, but as I'm doing some self-promotion here, I'd like others to...
  3. Palybuddi

    Historical Furry YouTube Playlist! Any video reccomendations?

    I'm working on a YouTube playlist full of historical furry videos! The videos are ordered by YouTube upload date, from oldest upload to most recent upload; this is why you'll see some videos captured in 1998 but were uploaded to YT in 2016). I'm only choosing videos that: 1. Are 5 years old...
  4. Reikuuu

    Made a bad YouTube video

    Popufur Hunger Games
  5. Pyszka

    Do anyone know "Freaks"?

    Hello, It's my first post so be gentle ;; I have seen some cool dystopian videos on yt, and then I discovered "Dead Sound" and "Don't Feed Freaks" () I have several questions now xD Are "Freaks" closed species? Or maybe creator allow us to make our own one? What kind of hybrid is that...
  6. Gravey D. Train

    I started posting gaming videos on my YT

    I decided to post meme edit gameplay of War Thunder on my channel for fun. I thought I'd share with you all incase you'd find it entertaining. Here's my most recent upload:
  7. ArtGirl205

    My Mark Hamill Joker impressions video

    It's got over a 100 likes and over 1k views How wicked is that:D
  8. S

    i do post music from youtube

    i do post music from youtube that people could enjoy
  9. S

    Hello I'm ronnie

    Hi I'm Ronnie not new to the fandom but I not well known I'm single I like femboys and females. I'm a guy anyway I post art on furaffinity and I like to listen to YouTube music mostly snythwave, chills, smoothing music or game music
  10. Koriekraiz13

    The soon to be furry youtuber feud

    After watching both majira's and omnom's videos about fluke fans spamming CURL GANG, which caused majira to make a tall gang, but banning omnom from the tall gang for making a tiktok with the dakis of both majira, and kiwi, which i found to be pure gold, but then finally omnom made his mark in...
  11. artofem

    Youtube channel for arts

    I made a youtube channel where I post the arts I've drawn. I usually kept them in my google drive along with the .psd files. Feel free to check it out, here. It doesn't have a cover image yet. I'm not really good at making those. :/
  12. BrunoMax895

    Looking for a writer for a possible motion comic on YouTube

    Hello there, everyone. My name's Jared and I've always wanted to have an animation channel on YouTube. At the moment, I just finished the pilot episode for my animated comedy series, V.I.P. Very Important Pup and had it upload to my channel. Here's a link to it if anyone is interested: Anyway...
  13. S


    I do post video game videos on YouTube and I do make fan arts on furaffinity. My next gaming recording is fear 2 project origin.
  14. S

    chill music for art drawing

    i mostly listen to chill or other musics to fit the scenes for my characters and for war i listen to metal. i mostly use Spotify or YouTube or i use steam music player.
  15. S

    Posting videos

    I really wanted to post my gameplay videos online I mostly record my gaming on my win 10 I really wanted to post it well I have a YouTube channel.
  16. Omny87

    Weird/Interesting YouTube vids that pop up in your feed for no reason

    What are some weird, creepy, interesting, or unorthodox videos that, by some quirk of the unknowable algorithms, have appeared in your recommendations on Youtube, even if it has little to no relation to anything else you've watched lately? For me, I've recently gotten these weird videos in...
  17. Bluekittie

    How should I label YT videos and brodcasts?

    Im not sure how to go about this... I Have thought about doing live streams on you tube while i work on creating my species. Idk if i should say safe for kids or not? like idc who see... and i honstly dont have watchers right now really.... chars designs will not be sexual or anything so just...
  18. Joni

    Any furry youtubers here?

    Is there anyone making YouTube videos? Furry related or not. I have a furry channel where want to upload more videos in 2020 But another channel in german aswell. www.youtube.com: The Science Furry
  19. Zenoth

    COPPA and Furry Youtube

    Figured this was worth sharing here due to the implications it could have for furry youtubers. Apparently with new youtube guidlines coming soon, when it comes to labeling videos... youtube itself and the FCC could label your videos for you, or more importantly, decide your video is labeld...
  20. skalybloke

    Skaly Bloke Says Hello

    Hey Guys, I am new here. I probably wont post much because I am a busy bee. ... Well, I'm not a bee, I was told by a bunch of furries that liking dragons makes you a scalie! Crazy that, anyway... If you don't know me I am a DJ/(reallybasic)musician who's been dong top 40 DJing for about 5...