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  1. Y

    Looking for Fursystem’s old horse bed tf video

    Hi guys Another search. This time for Fursystems old horse Tf in bed video from several years ago. The channel and 99% of other videos are still up and I presume this one was taken down to due new YouTube rules and regs. Appealing to see if anyone saved the video or would happen to know if a...
  2. eternyan

    FURY: Whale Song | My cartoon about evil furries

    Hi, my name is Herman and I'm single handedly creating a big 4K cartoon named "FURY: Whale Song". Currently the cartoon is ready for 1/3. Here is the non-plot scene from the middle of my cartoon (please turn on subtitles): "FURY: Whale Song" is a mystical thriller cartoon. The main character...
  3. Mewmento

    Omegle Furry Shenanigans

    I have started to work on YouTube videos to improve my own public speaking skill in real life. After an hour of being on omegle -- this was the result. Let me know what you think!
  4. M

    Found a video of a guy claiming that furries are "the scum of the earth", is open for debate

    Title says all.
  5. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Stocking Filler

    This video is great, but contains strong horror elements.
  6. Sinamuna

    [EDIT] Sinful Links

    DeviantArt: Sinamuna on DeviantArt Picarto: Sinamuna - Picarto FurAffinity: Userpage of Sinamuna -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Ferzu: Ferzu YouTube: youtube.com: SinamunaP
  7. RearmedDreamer

    What's the most recent online video you watched?

    I looked but didn't see a similar thread so I thought I'd make one - 'cause I thought it'd be fun. What's the most recent online video you've watched? As for me....? It's been on loop for the past 30 minutes. "He holds the line!"
  8. A

    Entertaining review of a crappy DS game

    So rccently I came across this video and thought it was quite entertaining and I thought might as well share it here! Take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrIZZiim9Ao
  9. M

    Kothorix's new video makes me want to stop being a furry.

    Seriously. I watched it all. It almost made me fucking cry. seriously now i'm a bit depressed and angry that the fandom that i like and want to be associated with is like this, and i feel like taking it out on either myself or this $200 music sound module my dad bought me that's on my desk...
  10. Ronnya

    Furry YouTuber suggestions

    I was wondering if anyone had any furry YouTuber suggestions for me to watch
  11. Wulf the Jackal


    All know this.
  12. SpunSugar

    Jawbreaker the Savage Poodle

    Like fursuits?! Like gaming? Like conventions? Check out Jawbreaker the savage poodle on YouTube! You know you want to! Youtube: www.youtube.com: JawbreakerXD Click eeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  13. BSting

    Want to see how bad Youtube is with Quality Control?

    bees cartoon - YouTube Keep scrolling down until you weep openly. Just.... WHY?!
  14. S

    Link to my Youtube Channel

    Hello to anyone whos looking at this post, i just started up this Youtube account several days ago and already uploaded my first video for people to watch! What my Youtube channel will be posting is that it will show videos relating to information about and whats currently going on about the...
  15. S

    Is it okay if i show my Youtube Channel?

    I just started my Youtube Channel several days ago and already uploaded my first video. Is it cool if i give out my link?
  16. Joni

    Are you interested in science?

    I need topics for Youtube videos. What would interest you? I've already worked out some topics. basics of electronics: voltage, current, resistance multimeter tutorial electronical components: transistors/led's/ capacitors etc. some other stuff: free energy/ perpetuum mobiles and the law of...
  17. SevenArms

    I made a new speed paint video

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome :)
  18. L

    In Defense of Furries

    This is my first post I admit, but I made a great defense of furries in this video. Also, if you want to see the sheer stupidity of someone, check out VoltageHQ and his stupid replies.
  19. Joni

    I want to start a Youtube channel.

    I want to start a Youtube channel, but I don't have no idea about which topic I could make videos. I thought about making videos about basic electronics and stuff like that, because that's what I,m interested in. But I looked around and noticed that Youtube is already saturated with topics like...
  20. Sunburst_Odell

    What Is Your Favorite Video on YouTube?

    For me, it's this: This video is so old and it still makes me die laughing. What about y'all?