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  1. LizardKing05

    Hiring: ($15+) (CLOSED) Seeking someone to draw cartoonish avatar

    I really like this Yu-Gi-Oh! card, Orion. I know the card is outdated and absolute trash, but I have a nostalgic love for the monster that borders on obsession. Willing to pay between $15-$20 for this (slightly NSFW) avatar commission - willing to pay up to $25 if alternate versions of avatar...
  2. Hobolobo27

    Any Yugioh Furs Out in the Minnesota Region?

    As the subject line says, I started getting back into Yugioh after a long time and would like to meet some fellow players! I'm in the southeast, Twin Cities region of Minnesota to be precise. And even if your not in the area, please feel free to comment or PM if you want to talk about the game...