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  1. Nexus Cabler

    Candy You Love

    I find it nostalgic to talk about things I loved as a kid, such as candy, ( I still love it obviously) and I'd like to hear what amazing things you have enjoyed when you were young, and what you still enjoy today I also am looking forward to hearing about unique candies from furs here who live...
  2. F

    Listen, let's bake a delicious cake, for the user below you.

    Basically the thread Yum or Yuck, but this time it's cake only! I'll start Coconut cake?
  3. Xitheon

    I swallowed some Listerine

    Am I going to die? I feel good so I don't mind. Fun fact: Listerine was once used as a floor cleaner. Edit:
  4. Simo

    Are Manokits Edible?

    Conflicting reports have been circulating about the edibility of Manokits: On one paw, they have been reported to be a delicacy in The Philippines but decalred poisonous to ingest in Skunk Hollow, Alabama. Time for ALL furs to weigh in. Manokits: Mouthwatering morsels? Grizzly and tough scraps...
  5. Simo

    Hot Dogs and Wieners

    Well, summer is here in the US, and it's a time of year that a lot of folks enjoy a nice, juicy wiener. I know I do. And, really, I like them year round as do many across the globe. So, what do you like to put on your wieners? Me, I like mustard, ketchup, onion and dill relish. At least...
  6. Simo

    Rabbit! A tasty treat, or not?

    As the holiday weekend is upon us, and I pondered The Easter Bunny, and all the various fine meals that will be cooked and enjoyed, it made me wonder about how many people here have tried rabbit, and how they liked it. I've had it a few times, and found it amazing; a sort of flavor and...
  7. Simo

    Tentacle Time : )

    So, do you like tentacles in furry art, find them disturbing, or take more of a neutral stance? Me, I recall the first time that I saw them, I was pretty amazed, and found them very...appealing. I had never imagined such a thing. But then I noted that the whole idea was nothing new, or unique...
  8. Simo

    Chopsticks! How well can you use them?

    For the longest time (years), I found them impossible: Then, late one night, coming back from NYC and starving, we went to this Korean place, that only had chopsticks, and it just fell into place like magic. Now I can eat almost everything with them, even Jello. Sometimes I use them instead of...
  9. Simo

    Did you ever eat paste as a kid?

    So, let's have the truth, here: Did you ever eat paste as a kid? I do remember kids that did. I didn't 'cause I was too smart :) But I'll have to admit I was quite curious why so many others did. It had that odd, kinda minty scent...Maybe I'll put trying some on my 'bucket list'...
  10. Simo

    How often do you eat sushi?

    Out of curiosity, how often, on average, do you have sushi? Here, about once a week. I'm almost a vegetarian, but one of those that still sneaks in the occasional fish and seafood. It's also something I wanna learn how to make at home, the rolls especially. Would save a lot, and be good for...