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  1. Nexus Cabler

    Candy You Love

    I find it nostalgic to talk about things I loved as a kid, such as candy, ( I still love it obviously) and I'd like to hear what amazing things you have enjoyed when you were young, and what you still enjoy today I also am looking forward to hearing about unique candies from furs here who live...
  2. I

    Deep Fried Drama with Waffle Fries and Lemonade

    babylonbee.com: Chick-Fil-A Commits To Using 100% Born-Again Chickens ATLANTA, GA—In a press conference held Thursday, Chick-fil-A representatives promised to become the first fast-food chain in the nation to use 100% born-again chickens in their sandwiches, nuggets, strips, and other chicken...
  3. Simo

    Avocado Poll

    I think Avocados are amazing; delicious in a salad, diced up over any number of Mexican dishes, as guacamole, and even good just on their own. I even like them on pizza. (after it's out of the oven, of course) Oh, and also excellent in Sushi rolls. I like the mild taste, and the consistency...
  4. 1

    The Food PORN Thread

    The dishes that make you foodgasm violently? Post 'em all right here Here's my favourite: cappelletti in broth. I could have tons of this shit and it still wouldn't be enough. It's just too good
  5. Skychickens

    The Recipe Thread

    I love baking and cooking and now that I’m home all the time I get to do these things often. I’m sure plenty of other furs have recipes they like too and I thought it would be nice to have a place to share them. They can be your own recipes, family recipes, or just recipes you found. They can...
  6. connortheskunk

    Squad knows I'm a furry now

    Here's a success story that happened to me last night and I'm really glad things worked out the way they did. Also keep in mind we were eating dinner and conversation was pretty fast-paced. >Eating dinner with the squad: 3 girls and 3 other guys; 3 of whom are straight , 2 gay and 1 other bi...