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  1. Ariaxu

    Comissions (selling) - zbrush sculpts / 3D art / digital paintings(dogs)

    Yoo So basically my job finished and I have fallen into a bit of a financial pickle and i really need to get some money for rent. Normally 3d art i guess isnt as popular for comission due to the fact that it takes 20000 hours to make but hey, I mostly offering zbrush sculpt comissions, starting...
  2. KawaiiPeachcup

    3D Artist Friends!

    Heya, I'm looking for more 3D artist friends that want to chat and share sculpting tips <3 I work in Blender and Zbrush https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kawaiipeachcup/
  3. TastyArts

    (Commission) Selling: Paintings, Lineart, Sketches, Ref sheets, 3D [$30-$200]

    Hi I'm a concept artist and illustrator, I do furry and non-furry commissions. I specialize in scifi and fantasy character and creature design. You can contact me at anonof1996@gmail.com, please don't PM me since I don't check them often! FURAFFINITY Pricing and terms...
  4. Foxex

    Free Art: Looking for references (Female Char. perferred) 3D Sculpts Full Body/Busts

    Hello, guys! I am a 3D character artist and a fellow fur, I do stylized character sculpting and I am wanting to hone down my skills some more. So, it would be awesome for you guys to give me references of your fursonas and characters. usually I just look of Pinterest, but I really want to focus...
  5. Melazzee

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Head Sculpts

    Hi everyone! I am offering slots for 3D head/shoulders Zbrush sculpts of your character. They won't be prepped for 3D printing, but they can be prepped later by someone else (last time I 3D printed my own sculpt, it cost too much when I prepped it myself lol). Anyways, without further ado...
  6. Noberto

    I want new characters for my 3D sculpts

    Hello! I currently have some free time at work, and I enjoy sculpting new stuff while new projects don't show up. As I'm still working to improve my workflow, I wonder if I could find anyone interested in having their characters made in 3D. If you're interested, I can even try to make it 3D...
  7. lupus-lup

    Showing off my 3D arts

    Hello furries, I wanted to share with you my newest 3D models to promote myself a bit in here ≧◡≦ Lup's (Fursona) Head WIP LiLaiRa's Endy Redraw - One year comparison Lup's Reference Sheet
  8. KitKatChunKiss

    Anatomy help? ; v;

    I'm not that great on anatomy, so I was wondering if everything looked good on this model before I work on a more final version? I'll add fur later. I also hid the bits so it should be alright for this forum... I hope. ; ;