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zootopia news network

  1. Dolphanatic

    This just in: Screenwriter Gary Goldman accuses Zootopia of "stealing his concept"

    www.hollywoodreporter.com: Disney Hit With Lawsuit Claiming 'Zootopia' Ripped Off 'Total Recall' Writer It looks like we have a proposed scandal in our hands. Screenwriter Gary Goldman, highly acclaimed writer of films like Total Recall, has just filed a lawsuit against Disney, claiming his...
  2. Dolphanatic

    Zootopia News Network's Thank-You Card Project

    Zootopia News Network: ZNN's Ultimate Thank-You Card Project! Submit your card today! [58/200] Okay, for those who don't know, Zootopia News Network is currently collecting thank-you letters. Their goal is to get at least 200 thank-you letter before the end of this month. As of now, they've...