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About me

Hi I'm Zeph I'm currently open for commissions to help pay for food and gas while I work! I do a lot of furry and fantasy based art! One of my secret passions is creating new characters and using them for ttrpgs. You can check out more of my art on furaffinity and commissio.


My pricing is fairly low for a standard colored art but I make additional charges on art so that if someone is on a budget they can still get something. I only use Commissio to help keep track of all of my clients plus it creates a safe place to do transactions. While I have no issue using paypal since that is the most used website for commissions but the site does nothing to help protect digital artists since they expect physical items to be shipped to addresses.

Art References

Here's a few images of what to expect to get an idea based upon my style and tastes. \ o /


If you need to contact me you can shoot me a pm on either of these sites or check out my commissio for pricing info and my ToS.

FurrAffinity || Zephirith
Twitter || @Zephbutt
Commissio || Zephi

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