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★★ Commissions MaraArt Open★★


Mara the Red panda

New upgrade to the commission sheest, here the details
Line Arts 10-15 $
- Size of the pic: 3000 x 2500 px

Bust-up: 15$ black and white - 20 $ Color
- Size of the pic: 1000 x 1000 px
Full-Body: 20$ Black and white - 25$ Plain colors – 30$ Colors with details and shadows
- Size of the pic: 3000 x 2500 px
- Simple background.
- Detailed background 10$

Things I can do for you!
Cute/ a bit sexy females
Furry ( any specie)
NSFW yaoi/yuri
How to order something
To request anything I ask you to send me the next information in a note or an email:
Type of comission: If is half body or full body, whatever you need
Style: If you need plain colors, full color, shadows, with or without a background, if it is a detailed or simple background, etc.
Character: Imma need those sweet details about who you want me to draw, with reference pics and all the information about their personality.
Background: Same with character, what you need for it and how detailed.
Important information:
- Please give all the information possible about your commission, the more the merrier for me, and the best job I can do for you
- Only accepting paypal due to reasons
I hope that what I create is to your taste and a commission would help me plenty, I will give it my all, promise!
some examples :