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☆Sketches, Flats, and Painted!☆


smol rabbit
[$20 - $30]

Flat color example
[$50 + $25 per added character!]

Painted example
[$80 + $40 per added character!]

✧Please be either be VERY descriptive or provide references.
✧I’ll only start your commission after receiving payment but I will absolutely send WIPs and work with you throughout the art process.
✧Please note I specialize in men and male sexuality but will gladly draw any sex/gender you like!
✧I'm also EXTREMELY new to the furry community! I'm looking to improve and put myself out there!
✧Either PM me or email me at Suturmon@gmail.com
✧Please be patient with me as both my lineart and painting style take quite a lot of work!

I WILL draw:
+NSFW (any sexuality)
+Fanart of any fandom
+Any ship/character/OC
+Sensitive (but none offensive) subjects

I will NOT draw:
-Biological Waste

I will gladly talk about anything you’re unsure of! I’m pretty flexible and open about fetishes so please don’t be afraid to ask.​
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