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☘ ☘ Icon, Chibi Art & Telegram Sticker Commissions ☘ ☘


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Want to order something?
Go to this journal on FA:
☘ ☘ Chibi Commissions - OPEN ☘ ☘ -- Gothicsiamese's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Chibi Commissions

Offering something new that I really love the style of lately. Chibi artwork!

Chibi artwork starts off at $25.00 for flat color, $30.00 for cell shade/highlights and $40.00 for soft shade/highlights.
Background comes as a simple gradient shape with patterned background (like examples).
Eyes are simplified for these chibi images. They can either be black or colored based on artist or commissioner's preference.

• Additional Characters are $10 each (up to 3 extra characters)
• Characters are simplified for chibi artwork
• Any expression and any poses you want. Mature art can be considered (ask first).
• Image is 8x10 high rez and smaller size for gallery upload
• Backgrounds available for $10 (they will look like examples)

www.furaffinity.net: Pretty Kitty Chibi Trade by Gothicsiamese
www.furaffinity.net: Flying High (Commission) by Gothicsiamese
www.furaffinity.net: Dugal Strut PG (Personal) by Gothicsiamese


Icon Commissions

Icons start at $10.00 for FLAT color. Icons are normally head only images, unless requested otherwise (no full body).

Flat Color with Minimum Highlight - $10 each
Cell Shade - $15 each
Soft Shading - $20 each

• Simple Icons are non-animated
• Expression of your choice
• 500x500 and a 100x100 size of the image
• Color Gradient Background (with random pattern)
• Couples & More connectivity available

Generic scenic backgrounds can be requested such as snow, forests, beach, etc.
These will be made for your icon (if not already created) then allowed to be used for future icons as a backdrop.

Examples: More animated Chibi Icons can be found in my gallery!
www.furaffinity.net: Destinii Icon (Commission) by Gothicsiamese
www.furaffinity.net: Ulrick Icon (Commission) by Gothicsiamese
www.furaffinity.net: Haizley Icon Animated (Commission-Trade) by Gothicsiamese (animated chibi)


Telegram Sticker Commissions
These are ordered through notes!

$75.00 for 5 Set
Telegram stickers are $15 each with a 5 sticker minimum.
You can get as many stickers as you wish, but for one order I limit to 25 per order.

☘ These are CUSTOM to fit YOUR character(s) and will be flat colored with some shading/highlights.
☘ Any Expression (either from what you provide or if artist's choice)
☘ SFW and NSFW options available (bits & suggestive, etc)
☘ Secondary Character in Sticker available for an additional $5 per
☘ Stickers will be chest or waist up, but can do full body based on ideas given.
☘ Complicated characters may raise price slightly (this includes complex CLOTHING or detailed Accessories, Tattoos, etc)
☘ You will receive the 512x512 png files in a zip folder to use as icons, etc

NOTE: Please know that there will be a credits sticker added to your telegram pack to provide artist information as well as who the character is!

Payment Options for Stickers:

PayPal: & Cash.Me (SquareCash for US folks) Only!
(Money Orders & Google Wallet can be considered)

www.furaffinity.net: Dai & Mow Telegram Stickers (Commission) by Gothicsiamese
www.furaffinity.net: Nyaa Telegram Stickers (Commission) by Gothicsiamese
www.furaffinity.net: FreeClaw Telegram Pack (Commission) by Gothicsiamese
www.furaffinity.net: FreeClaw Telegram Pack Expansion (Commission) by Gothicsiamese

Want to order something?
Go to this journal on FA:
☘ ☘ Chibi Commissions - OPEN ☘ ☘ -- Gothicsiamese's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Questions? Note me on my FA account!

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