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♛ Sharktank: digital fullbodies, busts, and more! ♛


Hello, hello! Welcome to my thread. Thanks for taking a look!

I have a few different commission types open and I'm excited to be drawing! I'll go over my shop info really quickly here, but you can find a whole overview at my website

Art Examples and Prices:

What I can draw;;
humanoid/kemonomimi, anthro, ferral/quads, minor guro/gore (might ask for a price raise if you want bones and guts showing), minor weaponry/armor, minor mech/tech, solid color or transparent backgrounds, a variety of body types/shapes

What I will not draw;;
sexual NSFW/fetishes (bribe me), heavy armor or mech, overdone muscles, in-depth backgrounds, cluttered designs, fanart/characters from public franchises (feel free to bribe me for this too)

My strengths are cute characters, hair, eyes, and fluffy things! My weaknesses are detailed feathers, scales, and armor.

Both wigglegif previews and experimental sketches can be seen on my website! I currently don't have a preview for those on this thread but I hope to add one soon!

Want to order some art from me?

Awesome! Post here with what you want and I'll send you a message to ask about specifics and whatnot. I'll post my T.o.S. here really quickly too.


All payments must be made before I start drawing and are to be made via Paypal only!
I reserve the right to decline a commission if I do not feel comfortable drawing it.
My art is for personal use only--not commercial use!
On a similar note, please do not use my art unless you specifically commissioned the piece or it is being gifted to you by someone who ordered the art.
I do not take refunds. However, if there is ever anything that needs to be changed with your drawing, let me know and I will make tweaks for you!
If you charge back I am not even joking I will cry. Please don't.
You can order a maximum of two pieces at a time. Feel free to order more once I've finished at least one though!

How to order:
Decided what you want? Great! Just fill out this form and we can work out the details over PM/on the thread! :D


Commission Type: (fullbody, bust, chibi, or wigglegif--also include if you want vector or lined style!)
Character Ref: (image refs only)
Personality: (a quick character personality blurb; max of two sentences)

Payment: (How much the total of your commission/s adds up to)

Thanks for taking a look!