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(Commission) Selling: ♡ ❤ ❣ ❥ ۵ Loop's valentine commissions! big discounts ! ($5-$30+) ♡ ❤ ❣ ❥ ۵


Valentines is coming soon so for the upcoming weeks till the date, im gonna have some special discounts to celebrate ❤


some examples of my art:





will draw:
-furries (almost all species)
-light gore (bleeding, cuts etc.)
-some mature themes (artistic nudity, some pinups, run it by me and we'll figure something out!)

will NOT draw:
-super detailed backgrounds & designs
-fetish artwork
-NSFW (explicit sexual themes)
-offensive themes (racism, sexism etc.)

You automatically agree to the following terms if you decide to commission me:
-paypal payments only
-you can pay after i send you the rough sketch/ lineart depending on what you're commissioning
-i reserve the rights to decline for ANY reason
-You have the right to repost what you commissioned me , but please credit me

send me a note or dm me and we'll discuss it in more detail + exchange contact info!

my commission progress: https://trello.com/b/HEjFAHtN/lettu.....ps-commissions
more commission info: Commission Info for lettuc3 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net