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(Commission) Selling: ♥ Ara's Art Shop! ♥ - (15/30usd)


Hello! you may call me Ara, I'm an animation student and an artist and right now I'm offering some commission options! I'd be honored to work with you!!!


Commission Price List!


Adding a Background Information

What I can do:

- Humans and Humans with animal features: ears, tails, wings….
- Anthro > Mostly clothed, or like in a zootopia kind of style works best!
- Quads! Specially if fluffy :3
- Couples and group shots
- Chibis!
- Nudity, Lingerie​

What may not work so well:
- Fully detailed mecha. I mean, if its a Wally or Eva kind of robot I can do it, no problem, but if you bring me, let's say, Starscream and want each piece to be correctly placed and look cool I may not be the kind of artist you need! Armour is ok.
- Some very specific fetishes or sexual related content like pedophilia! For example: I'm cool with nudity, couples kissing, a lingerie commission or two characters sharing an intimate moment, no problem at all! if questions just ask
- Working with just written descriptions! In case you need a reference of a character that only has a description I may not be the best to help you!​


I hope to work hard and do my best to create the best quality artwork possible!
All transfers are made through paypal and are in USD!
I will send one (1) sketch revision to check if the pose is alright or there are any suggestions before continuing with the drawing! (If there are extra details I'm unsure of I'll contact you, no worries)
I will start your commission once the first revision is done and I have received payment,

I hope to have more examples in the future! It’s just that right now I’m a bit busy with a full-time job to produce a wide range of samples! But if you’d like to check my other social media to see more drawings you may find something that catches your eye:


Every once in a while I will upload some adopts as well! I'll leave the link here to any available adopts, feel free to check if any catches your eye!

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I added another commission style available!!!! ;)
I'll try to gather more examples to display all together sooooon!


Bump and update with recent Chibi commission I did for Araby!!!
Such a cute character 20/10 a handsome boy :3



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Heya there, I have a commission request, though would like to discuss in more private since it's going to be a birthday gift and the person its for probably browses here, how best can I contact you?