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(Commission) Selling: ♥ Black-Nocturne's Art Shop ♥ (5$-50$)


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Hello and welcome to my art shop!
I'm currently selling commissions. You can see prices and examples below. If you're interested, please contact me via PM here or note me on FA.
You'll find more examples of my art in my FA gallery: Userpage of Black-Nocturne -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Terms of service:
- Please provide a good reference picture of your character. If you don't provide a reference, or the reference is blurry and hard to see, I can't guarantee that your character will look right.
- I start drawing only after you've paid me.
- Payment method: PayPal USD only. I'll send you an invoice.
- Please pay in time. If you ask for a slot and don't pay, I can't hold this slot for you forever.
- Please be patient. It takes me a week or two to finish a commission depending on how complicated the picture is and how busy I am at the moment. You can check my commissions queue here: Trello

I will draw:
- Anthro, Sonic, MLP
- Humans (in anime style)
- Fanart
- Porn/erotic/NSFW stuff
- Gay & lesbian characters
- Blood & violence (cartoon, not realistic)

I won't draw:
- Extremely fat characters, inflation, pregnancy
- Hyper boobs, hyper penis, hyper muscles etc.
- Vore
- Bladder stuff, diaperfurs
- Other fetishes


Ref Sheet Commissions


Basic price 25$ (includes one front view + background + info + color samples)
Additional front view +17$ (for example with different clothes or naked and clothed versions)
Back view +15$
Chibi version +10$
Headshot +5$
Additional items +5$ per item (weapons, close up of eyes, teeth, piercing or anything that doesn't fit into other categories )