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♥ Kittysins' Commissions [$5+] [5/5 SLOTS] ♥


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Hello!! I'm opening up some commissions. These are pay what you want, and start at $5. The quality will depend on how much you pay (for example, $5 would be a lined bust, whereas $20 would be a fully shaded half body, ect)



I am willing to draw;
  • Humans
  • Furries
  • Canon characters or OCs
  • Feral animals
  • Dragons
  • Other creatures
  • Light NSFW
I am not willing to draw;
  • Major body horror/gore
  • Mecha
  • Heavy NSFW
Please comment here if you are interested, or you can email me directly (link below).
When commenting, tell me how much you are paying, as well are references for your picture.

Thank you for showing interest in my art!​
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