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♥ Riru's Commission corner! ♥ ( $5~$45 )! Everything you want, everything you need! ♥


The forgotten Good Boy
Commissions Status: OPEN

Hellooo~ Riru here! I draw mostly human/anthro characters and scenes, but i deal just fine with backgrounds and other things! I accept payments via paypal (if you really want a commission using something else as payment, let me know and i'll see what we can do! <3)
Firstly I want to thank you all for your interest and time! <3 Now to the art!
♥Commission prices♥





Q: Do you do reference sheets? If yes how much do they cost?
A: Yes i do! Reference sheets can range from $30 to $70+ depending on the amount of views and traits.

Q:Do you do NSFW? If yes does it have any additional costs?
A: Yes i do NSFW pieces and no it doesn't have any additional costs compared to SFW pieces.

Q: Do you draw extreme fetishes?
A: I tend to avoid those, but it depends on how extreme it is, so feel free to ask me first!

Q: Do i pay for the commission before or after its delivered?
A: I tend to take payments upfront, but depending on how regular a customer is i can also take the payment after a sketch is done.

Q: Do you also do adoptables and YCHs?
A: Yes i also do adoptables and YCHs, you'll always find either an auction or a sale going on my FA!


Commission request form
Please fill this formulary if you're going to commission me!

♥FA link: (its okay if you don't have one)
♥Commission type: (Sketch, base color, full color, headshot, half-body, fullbody, amount of characters, background)
♥Commission description:(A good in depth description of the desired piece; clothing, pose, background, expressions, etc.)
♥Character/Clothings reference: (please link your references here, all of them!)
♥Paypal email♥: (So i can send you an invoice for the commission)


Links of where to find me

♥FurryAffinity♥: Riru-ku
♥Deviantart♥: Riru-ku
♥Twitter♥: Riruku / @NickShuUsamaro

Thank you for reading up until this point and have an amazing day!!