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(Commission) Selling: ♥Frostie's Commissions - Icons, Illustrations, Reference Sheets & Characer designs - $25-$120+ [5/5] OPEN


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Accepting Quotes!!

Hello everyone on FA Forums! My name is Frostie. I like to draw a lot of cute things, as well as some 80's styled stuff. Here's the general terms of agreement for my commissions, and my prices + examples will be listed after:

When commissioning me, you automatically agree to these terms:
- Payment will be done through Stripe. Customers will receive an invoice and pay using a card. Invoices work in the same manner of Paypal invoices, except an account isn't needed.
- You may not distribute, print, modify, or manufacture any copies of the work provided for commercial purposes.
- I own the copyright to all work produced by myself. Do not modify the artwork without my express permission.
- Full refunds will not be initiated after work has been started on your commission, only partial refunds may be requested based on how much work was completed. Exceptions are only available at my discretion. If after 5 months the commission was accepted and work has not been started, I will initiate a full refund if requested. Please communicate with me for updates on your commission.
- If the content you ask me to produce is associated with offensive properties (racist, antisemitic, transphobic, homophobic, etc.), I will terminate your commission and refund you in full. If your commission falls under these categories, you will be blacklisted.
- You may not use my work for cryptocurrency in any way, shape, or form.







Thank you!
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Happy new years everyone!! Bumping this thread for a new years sale from now until January 7th~ If you reply to this thread with a commission request you'll receive 20% off of the final price of your commission

Sergei Sóhomo

I'd be interested in getting another icon done of Marcien


.... Sergei's mink is so damn CUTE! I just wanna hug him..

I'd love to commission you if you don't mind, @refroste. Will send you a PM in a bit. ^^


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Updating to say commissions are closed until further notice, but they may reopen during the summer. Thank you to everyone who commissioned me!