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♥FrotPrince's art commissions!♥


FrotPrince's Art Shop ♚༒
Sketches • Lineart • Flat Shading • Semi realistic • Reference sheets • Romanticcouple art

Name: Lee • He/Him
I'm a digital illustrator who's currently opening up seven commission slots. Paypal and Venmo are preferred.

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Commission Info♚༒

Please, read my rules carefully•


If you want a commission, please send me a note with:

- What type of commission you want
- Any important details or attributes of your character
- What type of payment are you going to use.


- Extreme gore (Guro's just not my thing)
- Shota/Loli/underage (Pertaining to NSFW art, I can draw younger characters if they aren't being sexualized)
- Racist, sexist, prejudiced themes
- Scat


- Original Characters
- Fanart
- Furries (obviously)
- Nudes
- Soft gore
♡ Pricing ♡


- Chibi: $75
- Half Body: $100
- Full Body: $125

Flat color
- Chibi: $50
- Half Body: $50
- Full Body: $75

Clean lineart
- Chibi: $30
- Half Body: $40
- Full Body: $60

Rough sketch
- Chibi: $15
- Half Body: $30
- Full Body: $45

Character sheet

Starts at $300. Includes front and back, both full body, 3 expressions, a feral version of your character (if preferred) and 2 accessories of choice. If you need any more than this, there will be extra charge.

(Prints and stickers of your character can also be available, as long as the cost is covered.)

By submitting a commission, you are aware that:

- I will give you a sketch and after it's approved, your payment will be expected in full before I complete the commission.
- I can edit the commission to your liking, just let me know when adjustments need to be made.
- I don't do refunds
- I'll message you as soon as the commission is complete
- I can post your commission in my gallery once it's approved, or share it only with you if that's your preference.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to leave me a note!