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I'm new on Furaffinity but I've been selling adoptables on Deviantart a while ago. Here's the link of my account ^^

- Noreth-Adopts on DeviantArt -

I have commissions open so take a look ♥

I do not know very well how this website works or how to advertise, if someone were so kind to help me I would appreciate it very much!

I do not know too well the proper terms of the Furries, sorry if I am wrong about anything. ;;

Here I leave you my most recent auction, you can bid here or by Deviantart. Thank you very much for your attention and have a good day!


FurAffinity Auction: - www.furaffinity.net: Bluestar ADOPT AUCTION - OPEN - by Noreth-adopts -
Deviantart Auction: - noreth-adopts.deviantart.com: Bluestar ADOPT AUCTION - OPEN - -