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Hello there!
I was never big on introductions so I will just get to the point.

You want some art and I got some to offer~

I have made plenty of samples on my page.
Both SFW and NSFW.

I don't have any DO's or DON'T's.
I am willing to draw anything you're into.

- - - Colored - - -
Full body - 20€
Half body - 10€

- - - Sketch/Line Art/Single Color - - -
Full body - 5€
Half body - 2€

- - - Couple/Group - - -
For every extra character +50% of the main price.
Example: Full body couple 20€ + (50% of 20€) = 30€

For a better communication, message me on Discord:

I'm still pretty new to furries, so if you were to make a request
please be as detailed as possible for better results. :p
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