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♦Alchemy Adopts and Auctions♦ Original Species Opened!


Hurpadurprup of the Sea

This will be a semi permanent thread where I showcase original species that I have come up with from time to time. I will also be creating Adopts of non original species as well.

Hoping these little guys will get future loving homes.

I'll prolly fancy this place up when I have more time so sorry if you are gonna have to bare with all this text. But if this thread doesn't work out...well at least I tried cc:

Do Stay and chat if you'd like c:

A few Rules
Only I can make the original species I have created until further notice. Unless by coincidence the species has already been created by someone else, then do go and create them magnificent babies.~
Once you have adopted one of my creatures you can do whatever you'd like with them. I only ask that you credit me for creating them in the first place.

If you don't seem to like the creatures I have pre-made but you'd like to have a different one created just for you. Do message me through here or DM me. This also goes for Non original species and Anthro Versions of the original species as well.
This is my first ever adopt auction thing so rules may change over time.
If ever you aren't interested with my creatures but would like to commission me for some art, do check my commission info HERE

Current Species Up for Adoption •
(Pronounced moth but instead of M its B. Yes yes I know its a really lame name for a species)
If you'd like to know more about what these critters are, scroll down to the next post.
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Hurpadurprup of the Sea


Click the Spoiler to learn more about BOTHS
Boths are a hybrid of Bats and Moths.

These flying fluffy creatues are Omnivores but mainly eat smaller creatures like insects or fish. They do however, love Fruits and the feeling of Electricity.

These critters come in different sizes. Normally males are bigger and have a wider range of colors than Females. Females are usually seen in shades of brown or Sepia. Though this is not always true as seen in some species of Boths

The reason for the wider range in color variation is that Males prefer eating fruits rather than being near electricity. While Females have it reversed.

Boths use both their ears and antenna to navigate around as well as echo location during the night.

Ears and antenna differ depending on whats lacking. If the Both has smaller ears it has bigger antenna's to compensate.

Adopt Links on FA
Since no one bid on either they will not be fixed prices
BoM001, HERE
BoF001, HERE

Both are Being sold for: $45
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